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Cover Reveals, Excerpts, FREE Books || AN ADDISON MOORE EXPLOSION!

Stop right there.

If you're an ogre, then please turn away. If, however, you are any other life form/essence, then please commence scrolling. My point: EVERYONE loves Addison Moore! She's great. And she sends me email blasts because I'm obsessed with her. I remembered that sharing is caring and here we all are.
Let's get into it! (It's a biggie, just preparing ya)

Here's a message from the woman herself: (bow down)
Hello friend! COVER REVEAL for the THRONE OF FIRE is finally here! Plus I've got TWO new free books—FREE today only! And we're upon the LAST DAYS to pre-order  LITTLE GIRL LOST! It is getting amazing reviews from early readers! This just sends me over the moon. I can't wait to share it with you. I really hope you enjoy the ride! It releases in just six days so be sure to pick it up at the discounted pre-order price! It's a mystery/suspense that will take you by the hand and never let you go.

Also BEAUTIFUL DECEPTION releases May 31st! We're headed back to Lake Loveless one more time! It's a standalone as are all the books in the series. 
Have a great rest of the week! 


*Price will go up after release so be sure to PRE-ORDER TODAY!*
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A thrilling new mystery with a twist so big you will never see it coming.
         And then she was lost...
Allison and James Price move to the navy-blue forests of Concordia Idaho hoping to leave behind the chaos of Los Angeles and the painful memories of his indiscretions. Once settled in the picturesque town, where time seems to have stalled and life moves at a slower pace, their six-year-old daughter, Reagan, befriends a mysterious young girl who seems too idyllic to be true with her pressed pinafores, her perfectly curled pigtails. One late autumn evening, as their playdate winds down, both girls vanish into thin air. The little girl said she lived at the end of the street but the only thing Allison and James find at the end of the cul-de-sac is the gaping mouth of the forest. Their little girl, the mysterious playmate—they’re both gone.
Everyone is looking for Reagan.
Nobody has come forward to claim the mysterious little girl.
Both Allison and James look guilty as hell.
Maybe they are.

     We were good people, my husband and I. We had everything you could ask for—successful careers, a stunning home with the requisite, yet clich├ęd, white picket fence, a precious daughter to call our own. We had secrets, my husband and I. Not many, so few, all of them lethal.
      I watch as James clasps his hands around the girl’s bird-like neck, squeezing hard until her flesh goes white—so hard you can see his bones bulge severely, stretching thin the skin at his knuckles.
     We were good people, James and I.
It was true until it wasn’t.

It's here! It's here! We are one step closer to getting you back on Paragon! Fun fact: the book is the longest in the series yet! The cover fits with the others in the series thus far but the next book will most likely see a cover change as far as theme and appearance goes. I promise there is no need to read too much into that! TheTHRONE OF FIRE was extremely emotional for me to write and I hope all the feels get translated to you. There is something so special about Paragon to me that I just can't seem to get off that island. I hope you'll enjoy this next installment. And if you're unfamiliar with the series there is still time to catch up. Down below I have a link to the first two books for FREE! Happy reading! XOXO 

Beautiful Deception (Lake Loveless) 

***This is a STANDALONE within a series*
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Sometimes your darkest secrets chase you to the place where you truly belong. 

Zoey has a secret so deep, so dark, it chases her back to the one place she swore she’d never set foot on again, Lake Loveless.

Abel traded his briefcase for fresh mountain air. He can’t get far enough away from his life to escape it. Lake Loveless is just the place to get lost and forget that life outside its borders exists—that is until he meets Zoey.

Two broken people.
Two damning secrets that have blown their world’s apart.
One hot summer on the lake that changes everything.

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore—Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison's books, "...easy, frothy fun!"

***This was formerly Beautiful Submission but there was a little kerfuffle and thus it shall forever be known as Beautiful Deception. ;)
The rest of the Lake Loveless series has had a cover makeover too! The following books are exclusive to Amazon and Amazon has yet to convert the covers but as soon as they do they will look like the fabulous new covers below, I promise. Each is a standalone romance and the boxed set includes the first three books in the series. I'll let you know once the paperbacks have converted as well! 
How gorgeous is the Kate Spade necklace? Let the games begin! I'm winning that, ha! But it would be great if you'd join ;)
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Celestra Series Books 1-2 FREE!
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Skyla Messenger's ability to read other people's minds has always vexed her. Once her family moves to mysterious Paragon Island she discovers a stranger who shares her unique ability and learns more about herself than she ever wanted to know. An entire faction of angels is determined to kill Skyla, but why?
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