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BOOK REVIEW: Some Kind of Perfect by Krista & Becca Ritchie!

Hello, hi, morning, afternoon, evening *tips beanie your way* 

I would ask you how you are, but I have much to much to get through in a very small amount of time. 
Firstly, I finished this novel, this haven, this saviour in the early hours of this morning. Secondly, it has taken me MONTHS to read this book. Thirdly, I’m all kinds of emotions.

Falling in love was just the beginning 

The conclusion to the epic ten-book series about the unbreakable strength of family, friendship, and love. 
Lily & Lo are back one final time. Childhood best friends and soul mates.
Ryke & Daisy are back one final time. Wild risk-takers and flirty adventurers.
Connor & Rose are back one final time. Genius rivals and intellectual teammates. 
Ten years of laughter. Of heartache. And love.

I don’t know where to begin. I wash shaking. Something lifted away from me, leaving me alone when I turned the last page (and I was reading the ebook form of this novel). 

I really don’t want to do this review. Why? Because that means it’s over! It’s all over *ugly crying*

So my background with this series is that I stumbled on the first novel by accident a couple of years ago. It seemed taboo- an alcoholic and a sex addict, Heaven forbid! All I’ll say is this; I kick my self more times than once in pushing novel number one down my list for about two years. I mean, I’d have prevented many downfalls and dark bouts of darkness if I read this series. If I met Ryke, Daisy, Rose Connor, Lily and Lo then. 

I’ve got three words to say about this book, this series: It Saved Me. 
That is all. 

I can’t- it’s unfathomable how much a dreary day suddenly turned bright because I read a chapter (or twelve, who are we kidding) and rendezvoused with my little friends. They taught me how to create this armour to life’s many consequences. 
I will forever be thankful to Ms Becca & Krista Ritchie. 
Now all of the above, I intended to write at the end. But it was the elephant in the room..which we will revisit further down the page (stay with me!)

This novel. *wimper* Okay, I’m good. I can do it. 

Okay, let’s go in for it. So this novel was VERY long- 1000+ pages (at least on ebook). It took place over a couple of years which *insert critical Nylah* was slightly hard to keep up with. I mean, it was clear. The chapters were named according (e.g. 2025) but it was just a large span. It could just be me! I can’t keep up with single books that go cover a couple of years. It’s way too much. But Ms Ritchies did it great.
One more tiny flaw I wanna point out is that there were quotes every dozen or so chapters in which were direct quotes from a character on the reality show. This reality show, We Are Calloway- it wasn’t really mentioned. I mean, they said stuff like not showing it to their children but being filmed and doing segments for their show wasn’t described. 
Bonus: I wanted more Samantha and Greg and Poppy and Sam! 

Anyways! Onto the many, many greatnesses. 

The spicy scenes were oohh so hot! 🌶 I enjoy reading them. I love that all our couples have their own sexual style. 
There were plenty of new additions to the ever-growing, ever-lasting Calloway family. 
I loved the banter and the pivotial moments. Plot-wise, it wasn’t that climactic. Everything that was remotely bad got solved a couple of chapters later. Hey! I'm not complaining

I made a little something something for the characters (playlist. It's a playlist. I made a playlist)
Feel free to add to it :P

It was no longer a Lily and Lo tale. It wasn’t just their take on life; it was split SIX ways! It wasn’t at all hard to keep up with but it was challenging and brave for the Ritchie’s to do. 

Aside from simply enjoying the company of the characters, I really was proud of the character development. 
Christ we were so goddamn fragile. Look how far we've come. Look at us now
Cases in point:

  • Connor emoting!
  • Lily still being awkward af but no longer being ashamed of her addiction
  • Lo being fabulous as ever
  • Rose being icy as ever BUT loving and having children! Just over half a dozen, to be exact
  • Daisy being her self, her ever-glowing, flower-crown wearing self
  • Ryke being great as ever.
What I loved was the downfalls of the characters. Because it only improved the devlopment and showed how far they have come over the course of this decate of books. 

My review is all things positive, even if I'm not describing very well. Basically, I'm still trembling over the ending and haven't blogged in about three months because hiberation of sorts, haha

Oooh! That reminds me. The goodbyes. At the end.
So we got a Farewell each from Rose and Connor, respectively
A So Long from Daisy and Connor, respectively
& lastly, a Goodbye from the OGs, Lily and Lo (respectively)

Here's where I turn horrible. I wanted a couple to amicably break up! I mean, I had no couple in mind, I love them all but- it seemed too good to be true. Some would argue this is only a word of fiction, so I'll shut my trap now and move on to my favourite quotes.

Now for every book, I always leave a disclaimer; I might copy out the entire book as my favourite quote. Don't sue me, haha
  • His cheekbones cut sharp. ''That asshat is road kill''. It sounds less like a threat and more like a character description.
  • ..his cheekbones- yes those cheekbones that I will mention from here until eternity. You would too if you saw them
  • ''I'm going to strangle him'', I sneer. ''Then remove his eyeballs, roast them over a fire and shove them back in his mouth''. Loren cringes. ''And I thought my mind was a hellhole''
  • It fucking kills every part of me.
  • ''You don't need Connor or me to tell you which direction to move, but I'll always help you stand''.
  • Fire never extinguishes from her gaze
  • I try to empathize, but I'm empty
  • I wish I would hear the chatter insider her head
  • His face falls like I killed something he loves. It's a fucking expression that nearly makes me respond with, I'll go out and get some for you right now
  • It's killing me. I can't keep it in any fucking longer
  • It might be the easier thin, but it's not goddamn better
  • I am a fortress. I am a shark. No one will fuck with me
  • And then they lock eyes, and I swear the world slows for a second or two
  • The malicious bone in my body that attacked him, that screamed at him, that bit him until he bled- it's gone
  • I've always waited for people to open up to me. I don't like poking, but this...I have to poke at this
  • I would've pinched her ass, but timing, place, people- all of that
  • My face twists, pained, as pained as my lungs that crush together
  • I see pure resilience flash in her green eyes, stemmed from fights fought long before today.
  • When I look at him, I might as well be flying
  • I'm entrapped. My mind never wanders. Never diverges. I'm fixated.
  • ''Your real goal is to freeze our balls off'', Lo rebuts, teeth chattering. ''Secondary goal, and only for you, Loren''. Lo glares at the sky. ''I'm officially in hell''.
  • I sprint down the hotel hall with three paper bags labelled Ryke, Connor and Loren. Running through empty carpeted hallways with less urgency and more fun
  • ''You hear that, bro?'' Lo says. ''The love of your life married Sasquatch''. Ryke props himself on his elbows. ''How's that fucking eye feel?'' ''How's that face feel? Gotta hurt being you''. ''We're fucking related'', Ryke snaps
  • It's easier being numb, to have zero regrets, but I wouldn't trade what I feel now for feeling nothing
  • Rose leans over to the photographer. ''Are there any photos where Loren doesn't look like he's going to butcher everyone's family?'' ''Just yours!'' Lo shouts. 
  • I fasten the best glare I have, and it must do the job because he cracks under the pressure of Lily Investigator Hale
  • I swing my head to Connor. ''They put an e instead instead of an o at the end of your name again? I'll fuck-em up''
  • This is temporary. This feeling will go away soon. Just wait. The walls will dissolve. Just wait. The sun will rise again. Just wait
  • ''Then I'll go where you go''
  • ''I have this theory'', I yawn again, ''that yawning is really your body's way of exercising your jaw. It's basically shouting exercise time..'' I yawn
  • The moonlight illuminates the nook, almost like it could exist outside under the stars
  • His laughter became hers. His smile became hers
  • ''I revoke your congratulations'' ''What congratulations?'' He lets out a short laugh, and I realize I never congratulated him aloud. ''Christ, Rose, you have to lay off the demon blood. Drinking that shit makes you weird''.
  • I hear a bang. ''Christ''.''What happened?'' ''This wall came out of nowhere''. He walked into a wall. I smile
  • Garrison isn't into ship names like us, but we look past his flaws
  • ''Why?'' Anger laces my voice. I point my black-matte nail at him. ''Aren't you the one who tells her to scream off rooftops? To voice her opinions until she's blue in the face?''
  • My own mind is trying to vaccum itself
  • Ryke turns to us, and I whistle suggestively at his six-foot-three build and dark, dangerous eyes that say, I fucking see and fucking hear you, Calloway
  • If you told me at twenty- ten goddamn years ago- that I'd be here, today, giving a speech to my six year old's kindergarten class, I would've laughed at you. Then I would've reminded you that I'd never have a child and subject them to a life of pain and misery. To a life with me
  • It's all circular. Addiction. Shame
  • I have fifteen arrows in my heart, and I have to keep shooting more right in
  • ''I'd fucking do it again. You okay?''
  • His words burrow much deeper than right here and right now
  • I had no good father figure, nothing to emulate, but I knew what I never wanted to fucking be
  • I'd dig for fucking happiness and hand it to Sulli
  • It's 5:00am- and we're all together again
  • Lo please find me. He always finds me
  • How could you not know?!'' Ryke yells, mostly out of panic. ''This is your third kid''
  • I retreated in my head. It's what I'm good at, unfortunately
  • ''Darling'', Connor begins. ''Don't darling me'', Rose snaps
  • She's resolute, firm and unbending
  • I interject to steer this sinking ship to land
  • ''My time is yours'', I tell him, no hesitation
  • Without heels, I feel naked. I clear a lump in my throat, today's stressful events catching up with me
  • ''What if'', he says like the phrase has stalked him in the past
  • I can only take so much pain
  • In layman's terms, which you clearly need, bottle your fucking concern
  • ''Justine'', Daisy says, beating everyone to speak. ''We're doing the cookies at my sister's house. And you can go to hell''.
  • ''Are they naming her Hermione? I might die''. ''Don't die, love''
  • Then we're two undeserving individuals because I sure as hell don't deserve you, Lily Hale
  • ..not even after labour. Rose is made of something stronger than the rest of us
  • Connor begins to smile, eyes dancing to each and every one of us
  • ''The bag can go to hell. I'll take what's in it'', I hold out my hand
  • If icy looks could kill, I'd be bured
  • Every moment is wild, even the quiet ones
  • Winona will fart on fucking cue if you ask
  • My eyes burn like I'm meeting the sun
  • God, we're all fucking alove
  • He's much more than an alcoholic beverage and he knows it
  • His genuine smile begins to swell my heart
  • I think we finally deserve this
  • move. run
  • I'm upright. I'm standing. I'm alive
  • ''I'm also an asshole'', I whisper back with a half smile
  • Our lights guided us ahead
  • ''Choke a little harder, maybe your missing soul will come out
  • There's nowhere I'd rather be
  • And then we end- we end where we stearted
I want to say this is it. This is the end. But, as I was reminded in the acknowledgements, it isn't.

''And just know that these books will never go away. There's over 1 million words of Lily, Loren, Connor, Rose, Ryke and Daisy. That's more than a lifetime

This series saved my life and as I mentioned above, I put off reading it for this moment, for this feeling.
★ ★ ★ ★  5 stars!!
I'm definitely addicted tothis series!!

Long story short...
Would I read it again?
As long as this earth will keep me
Would I recommend it?
Yes and no. Yes, because it might save people but no because it's all mine. This is my world, they are my friends
Would I be caught wandering (and being saved by the book guy) in this world in my dreams? 
Ashamedly, by all of them

QUESTIONS: Have you already read this? Comment below!
Who else wants to desperately join the Calloway world?
What was your fave part from this series?
How many times are you gonna re-read this series?
☻ What's your fave novel, and ship from this series?

With that, I'm gonna give myself a few days then revisit a novel from this series

This novel really was some kind of perfect

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