Thursday, 18 May 2017


If there's one thing you must know about me, as a bookworm, is that I love my angels.
Novels about guys who end up being fallen angels? My kinda mind party

Pshhttttt, read this first to find out what the frick happened to release dates

I managed to watch the Fallen movie!! Literally it ended like two minutes ago. And boy, oh boy!

Okay so a quick background is that the book is based off of novel series by Lauren Kate. The series revolves around this girl named Luce and she is in love with a fallen angel (Daniel). Thing is, she doesn't know. 
There's more.
As a curse for Daniel not picking angels or demons, his love will die every lifetime once they find each other (technically, once their lips meet). Harsh, right?

It's a brilliant idea and the author plays out the idea really well. Check out my review of the book here

So the Fallen was hyped up on Twitter and Tumblr for a good year and a half. I followed all blogs and Twitter pages religiously, paying close attention to our cast:

  • Addilyn Timlin plays Lucinda. Her Twitter is a dry hoot and I followed her prolly a year ago and she's so sarcastic it's beautiful! Whilst I knew that side of her and hoped they'd incorporate that into Luce, she really acts as Lucinda very naturally. Her soft spoken voice definitely helps. And that pout..
  • Jeremy Irvine is Daniel and OHMG HE IS PERFECT FOR DANIEL! *clears throat, composes self* HeisareallytalentedactorwhoactedtremedouslyasDanielGrigoriandI'vebeeninlovewiththisonesinceWarHorse
  • Harrison Gilbertson was a great Cam. Not my ideal image, but great nevertheless. And in spite of me initially doubting him thanks to the badly photoshopped promo shoot, he delivered *and oozed* Cam's bad boy charm.
Overall, the movie was adorable but at the same time heartwrenching. But it fulfilled my book-movie needs so I'm good

What about you? Did YOU enjoy it?
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