Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Heeeeellooooo !!
Today I'm going to be sharing my new fave- and that's the CW's Riverdale. 

Quick background: It's loosely based on  the Archie Comics, but is literally great for everyone; fans, haters of the comics, all are welcome. 
The characters are pretty much dead on, everything, really except for..the mystery itself. Kinda

So we all know Archie's Weird Mysteries was all about your zombies, your vampires, your mysteries? Well this is different. Let's say it's actually more Gossip Girl than Archie. 
Is that a bad thing? Not at all. I mean, there's one recurring mystery that's annoyingly lingering throughout Season 1; and that's the murder of Jason Blossom. 

Whilst initially I felt like the show was trying to hard (faux-lesbian kiss, rich girl actually being humble, gay best friend of girl who has unrequited feelings for her neightbour...who just so happens to be a star football player and all around heartthrob, girl next door seeming perfect but actually maybe having some mental issues), I've swept them under the rug because they all come off in a quite authentic way. 

The one-liners are enough to burn me all the way to hell.

Oohh it's also got a bit of a Glee element with the music. 

I think this show centres around the cliched American high school things, which is great! I for one, as a Brit Chick, love these kinds of shows. 

Onto the cast:..

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Let's take a closer look at our Archie 👀
Yep, I'll leave this here! ;)
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I'd recommend giving the show a watch :)
Let me know if you're loving the show below and..
..Team Varchie or Barchie?? Or Beronica?
..What the heck is up with the parents?
..Is anyone else swooning over Juggy and Archies' fathers?

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Comment below telling me which novel in this series is your fave aaandddd why :)
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Huuuuggggeeee thanks and cuddles to InkSlingerPR and Jess

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