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Relaxation Techniques & How to Collect your Thoughts

We've all has those moments, where you feel overwhelmed and just want to leave Earth for a bit. Whether it's due to school (public speaking, friends, crushes, deadlines, just the general distressingly plain routine), work (pretty much the same issues) or everyday life, I'm hear to explain how I relax and how I find comfort in collecting my thoughts through journalling. 

Basically, I've lived through all of these problems and waaaay more enough times to come back beaten and broken but wearing the t-shirt. I've gone through it all, so you don't have to ;)

Relaxation Techniques

What is it, to relax? Everyone's idea is totally different and that's brilliant. What I've noticed is that relaxation to most is an activity (for me, it is listening/singing atrociously along to my fave music at the top of my lungs and/or working out, reading books, etc). My sister's idea of being relaxed is taking a candlelit bubble bath. On the total opposite hand, my brother- the adrenaline junkie of the family- is relaxed hiking or just being out in the wilderness (if it's raining - #England- then he'll do the next best thing and either work out or play on his PS4). 

Something I've realised in my eighteen years being a somewhat tense, somewhat no-f*cks given inhabitant on this island Earth is that relaxation is a state of mind. 

Now before we fuel in the hate or snide remarks, no I am not hoping to receive glory for a breakthrough that's most likely already been figured out by professionals in this field. The reason I didn't put in a disclaimer is because, and this may not sound good in reading, but this is my blog and I have a freedom to write what I want (...within reason, as in no lies)

If I think I'm relaxed, then chances are I will be, no matter the situation. 

  1. Lavender oil is brilliant for relaxing you. BONUS: It helps induce sleep, too! Now, I recently fell into this hype, but it's absolutely great and makes me feel relaxed, just inhaling it.
  2. Do what I love. Yes, I could be painted a hypocrite for saying above that relaxation is a state of mind, rather than doing the activity you love but hear me out !! Whilst I contradict myself in the name of 'just because'!! Check this out: If you think you're relaxed, then you will be. Sooooo I'm not saying pull out a bubble bathtub in the middle of the subway but something compact. I'm gonna give you three examples: listen to relaxing music/music you love, bring a novel, bring a puzzle/crossword. 
  3. Lastly, journalling. Now journalling is something I've been indirectly doing for many years and actually acknowledged about a year ago. I would include pics but privacy aaaand my iPhone 6+ camera is shiat. This, very nicely and unplanned, leads me onto part two of this post. 

How to Collect your Thoughts

What do you mean 'collect your thoughts'?! Thoughts are not literal to physically collect
In a way, this is true. But not really. Collecting your thoughts means writing down what's running endlessly in your mind in the name of clarity, for you to take a step back.

Why should I collect my thoughts? What's the point?
Collecting your thoughts has more than one point. As mentioned above, for clarity. So you can read them and figure everything out (in due time, of course). Also because you can create memories of the good, the bad and the ugly. Bonus: You can make a pretty sick looking journal ;p
Collecting your thoughts is great for people who are not very open/comfortable telling people what's going on/have trouble compartmentalizing. How? Well, it's an outlet. It gets everything out of your system. 
Let me tell you an anecdote- Oh, great
So whenever I get a crush, I lose it. I always think about the person and the worst and most embarrassing thing is that I'll unconsciously start picturing romantic or even very real, very raw sitches with them. This is obviously embarrassing so I write it all out, get it all out and then throw them away. Sometimes, if it's a darn good piece of literature so I'll type it up on Wattpad!

Okay, but just the good thoughts, right?
No! Bad thoughts should also be written down. What you do with them after is your choice. Personally, I burn them. Or shred them if I'm in a milder mood. You could keep them in a separate (or the same!) journal and look back at them for progress. The list is endless.

If I didn't answer your question or if you want more information or just a good ole' hi/virtual hugs, you can either comment below and/or follow the desired social media link below. 

One last thing! Keep this quote in mind please!!
''You are not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness''

With that, I'm gonna go figure out which novel comes next. Ciao
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