Tuesday, 14 February 2017

I'm Ready Now (Again)

Hi, guys :)
This is so different but so, so familiar. I'm baaaack

Wherein we get deep and too honest

So I took an inexcusable, very long but somehow, very needed break from this blog, which was once my life. I was in a dark place, so bad so that I couldn't even stomach the idea of reading a book. Sad, right?
I felt horrible and was in denial for weeks, before I finally admitted it- aloud- that I don't want to read anymore. 

There's that and there's also the fact that this blog requires effort that I'm too exhausted to put into. So much so that I didn't even think 'new year, let's get some blogging done'. It didn't cross my mind until February 8th.

Long story short, I'm back and more dedicated to this blog than ever. 

I recently started (and finished, as of last night, woooo) a new book that I stumbled upon. Click here to read the review, which I'm going to write as soon as I'm done getting brutally honest here. 

So I'm back with book reviews but I want to shake things up a bit: We're going lifestyle. That's right I'm gonna be reviewing makeup products and give advice, one broken soul to a human lol. (I'm excited to share my playlist every month, too).

Real quick: Blogger has changed so much! When did this swanky upgrade happen? 

How are you dedicated, Nylah? How do we know?
Well, I recently bought a Lily Pulitzer agenda planner thingy and it's encouraging me to, at the age of 18 and with a job, to finally plan and be time efficient. 

So does this sound good?
New blog post every Wednesday

I hope that if anyone is out there reading this, they're doing just that- reading this. I have no idea if I blog into oblivion, if anyone is actually noticing my absence. If you are, give a big cheer from wherever you are and I'll know ;)


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