Saturday, 18 June 2016

My Long Term BEAUTY Favourites!

Hello there!

I am so incredibly sorry that it has been so long! (But trust me, there's definitely a lot of embarrassingly depressing drafts).  
Today, I wish you a happy Saturday. I, however, am not having a good Saturday- on today's
checklist of bad sh*t, we got..
period pains 😑😒 TMI, maybe. IDC, definitely :p
To counter this, obvi I did the following lol
Ice cream (Oreo and Cookie Dough and anything Häagen-Dazs)
Marvel movie marathon (NO FAVES. ALL ARE BRILL)
Books (currently reading The Crown by Kiera Cass) REVIEW UP I finish it!
BLOGGING of course!
Listening to Taylor Swift’s Red album (Holy Ground is on repeat)
Now back to the topic at hand...My favourite cosmetics!

Okay, so although I don't mention it alot on my blog (because makeup has no relevance to cosmetics).
Let's get into it!

So these products are not in order of importance and superiority- just which my brain remembers 😁
Also, I'm too lazy to include pictures because on Blogger you have to save them and then attach them #effort This one's on you, Google smh. Dw, I'll include links
  1. Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer- Maybelline Ever heard the term 'Holy Grail'? Yep, this is it. Whether it's because you're up late studying, working or partying, this is for you. (Especially for people who aren't morning people..basically everyone. I enjoy using this as a highlighter (bridge of nose, middle of forehead and cupid's bow), as well as using it as an eyeshadow primer (set it with powder for greatness) and obviously, under the eyes.
  2. Great Lash Waterproof Mascara- Maybelline In Seventeen Magazine last year, I saw that they have a bubblegum pink colour of this, which sounds cool. Although I stuck with black because it was only in black at Superdrug (grrr y'all), I will look out for my pink and, until then, I will forever dream. This product is relatively new in my beauty case but it is a keeper. Love it and its brush.
  3. Make Me Blush Cream Blush- Barry M By, George, this is fantabulous! 'Nuff said. Jokes, I'll elaborate. This is my first (and last! Saying bye to all other blushes except this one!) cream blush and it's so nice and natural and not powdery!
  4. Nirvana- Urban Decay This was pricey (#birthdaymoney) but cool. The colours were picked by me so obvi I loved them and they stayed on for fiveever. This palette has turned into a daily product and who knows? I will probably definitely buy another, maybe mixing up the shades.
  5. Infallible Fixing Mist Setting Spray- L'Oreal ParisI cannot live without this fu*cking amazing spray. It saves lives, y'all. And is purrfect for my eight hour shifts at work. It's great especially for if you have oily skin. (And it smells great!)

Here's hoping you enjoyed this post :D
I will be back next time with a book review of The Crown by Kiera Cass- see if you can beat me to the last page?

Stay awesome

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