Monday, 14 March 2016

Extra, Extra! Read All About It!!

Guess who is over the moon for two reasons? Why it's me, your favourite (am I stretching it?) blogger who never is over the moon (I merely gaze at the stars from the gutter). 

BUT something amazing happened. It all started with a book...then it's sequel..then the next book and somewhere in between I became emotionally invested into this series that I was begging Zeus or whomever is upstairs to turn me into a fictional character. 
That series, my dear friends is the Perfect Chemistry series [Note: I have seen this online being referred to by the Fuentes so idk what's correct]

ANYWAYS, I obviously expressed my love online (yelling into the Twitter verse,  as one does ¯\_(ツ)_/ ) and GOT SOME REPLIES FROM THE AUTHOR. Hell, I even got a few likes and a RETWEET. 
>>My arm is injured because of all the pinching
<<That was a joke. Please don't think I'll ever joke about the serious stuff. 

MOVING ON NOT-SO-SWIFTLY, for those of you who have read the series (If you haven't, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIVES? YOU CALL YOURSELF A BOOK LOVER? *smiles sweetly & innocently* If you'd like reason to read this series, please click here), the author, a Ms Simone Elkeles (AKA my newest Twitter author bud, AKA the poor victim to my constant cyber tagging), ANSWERED A QUESTION THAT MANY OF US YEARN. Dun, dun, dduuun...

Yep, you heard it first here, folks! There may be another story in this series.
You're welcome
*drops mic*
*trips over mic wire*

Adios! (Pun intended)

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