Tuesday, 24 November 2015

LIFE: My Bucket List!

Hi!! Greetings from Middle Earth (reality: in my room, blasting Fall Out Boy)
Today is going to be my first ever post- wait, lemme say it as a metaphor.
Today is my first official step into another direction, in terms of the contents of this blog
Yes, you heard right; we are changing it up a bit here on Always Falling for Book Guys 
To read more, click here (it's not that long lol) 

Okey doke! Let's begin already! Here's my bucket list
*The list is ongoing, so is subject to {1D note}changes 

So I've most recently been somewhat of an explorer...from my bedroom. Because of my love of reading, and being transported to places in my head, I've opened the physicality mindset of exploring. Up until recently, I've been scared to actually get out there are travel. Hell, I still am- I haven't actually began my travels yet (hence the unchecked bucket list). Maybe I'll document my journey on this blog ;)

Travel Europe
Dance in the rain
Kiss in the rain
Go to a music festival
Camp out under the stars
See the Northern Lights || Go stargazing
Be happy
Follow a band on tour (in a non-stalkery way)
Read all the books in the world
Climb a mountain
Visit the Maldives (Sea of Stars)
Get interested in comic books
Go to Comic Con
Have a huge wardrobe, beautiful apartment, job I love and tonnes of money ;)

  And that's it! For now. Don't judge me for some of the cheesy stuff I put on there lol.

Please, please leave some of your bucket list tasks below for me to check out ;)

Right! That's it from me. I shall see you next time!
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I'm even giving you my email address (why not? #GoBigOrGoHome)

Byeee!! Love you lots and stay beautiful and bookish! Xoxo


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