Saturday, 18 July 2015

S'UP SATURDAY: All About Me!

S'up!! Rofl I feel weird typing that! But today's post is entitled 'S'up Saturday' (and it may or may not be impromptu) and is all about me! Woo!

>This might not be your cup of tea (yes, I'm British- see below!) and if so, then hon, you'd better wait for my next post (which'll be book-related for sure!) Check back soon! {Follow me on Twitter to receive immediate viewing of my next post Yes, I made that sound waaayyy cooler

Okays, let's get into it! =)
  • My name is Nylah Moore- It is of Irish descent, although I know of no relations there
  • I'm British- I'm from West Yorkshire, where the grass is very green but I don't live in the countryside (I wish!)
  • I'm 17 years young- I ...there's nothing to elaborate on this fact, really lol. Erm..I'm a May Baby =D
  • I'm a book-obsessed fangirl- Yah, I'm living the dream- no, really. I love books; they're my escape and times can get hard. 
  • I'm also a fanatic of TV shows, films and singers (currently mainly bands)- My list of fave TV shows is almost endless- it ranges from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries (kinda losing interest in it), The Secret Circle (RIP :'(), Modern Family, Once Upon a Time and Brooklyn Nine Nine. My overall interests are all things Avengers *clicks tongue* And omg let's not forget bands!! Current obsession is 5SOS (don't judge)-- my Twitter favourites and WeHeartIt kinda reveal everything. Hehe. Oh, and my favourite song of their's is 'Wrapped Around Your Finger'
  • I'm single- Technically, I'm a slut cause I'm in relationships with countless book guys and band members so haha!! 😁 Lololol
  • I have 2 siblings- One brother, one sister. Can't complain
  • I've never had coffee
  • I've never worn a wig
  • I've never been to a concert
  • I've never been to a book convention
  • 🔝 I think the recent two show that I haven't lived a life I imagined- But I'm proud nonetheless
  • I crave to travel. Far and wide. Here and there... I just need courage, money and a companion lmao
  • I'm a science major at college, even though I should've chosen English/Literature
  • My best friend doesn't know all of my darkest secrets
  • With that said, yes I have been depressed- It wasn't diagnosed or super severe (not suicidal) but I was-and still am- deeply unhappy at times. Why? Well I have the best family ever (mama, bro, sis and Goldie the Goldfish) and school's as good as it can be...there's no reason. And that's fine. If I were to dig into a reason, though, I'd say it was/is because I'm good at keeping my emotions hidden, so I always appear neutral or somewhat happy and no one asks if I'm okay so I can't spill my heart out...That's where Ernest comes in ☺ "Write hard and clear about what hurts"
  • I have extremely low self-esteem to the point where people often interpret it for me being like 'oh I'm so beautiful, I can't look at you' or 'everyone will fall in love with me if I look at them' Dk if that makes sense -_-
  • I have a weird obsession with paranormal activity and unexpected events
  • I like to be open minded about religion- accepting all
  • As far as looks goes, I'm not actually gonna tell you whether I'm tan or pale af or if I have braces or if I'm tall or if I'm thin or whatever. Gonna leave some stuff up to the imagination 😜
  • Every school year, I always develop a new crush lmao. +There's some positivity in this field- I'll keep y'all posted 😉
  • Tumblr is my safe haven on the internet but I don't actually have an account- Did you know that you can still follow blogs and scroll through content endlessly if you've downloaded the app? One day, I will make a Tumblr, though- I haven't because it'll be a shambles lool
  • This blog is also my safe haven. Seriously, it's given my life some meaning and although it's only been a year (!!) I don't know where I'd be without it ☺☺
This was kinda #TMI and I apologise if you feel like that. Still check back?

~If you'd like to contact me for advice or for someone to just read your (life)story or problems then email me at
If no one asked you if you were okay, I will ♡ I'll help pick you up if you fall to pieces :) (Yes, I quoted 5SOS) But I mean it

Stay Beautiful and Bookish,

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