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WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Maxon & America from 'The Selection series' by Kiera Cass || INTERVIEWS

Woah, was that a long title or what?
Hello there! And welcome to 'Always Falling for Book Guys'. Today, I'm going to be doing a post about something new and different...

This post is a 'Wedding Wednesday' one starring...

Maxon and America Schreave!!
from the Selection series by Kiera Cass

I'm super excited to conduct my first ever book character interview with this couple!! Eeeee

‘Wedding Wednesday’ is a new and exciting segment here on ‘Always Falling for Book Guys’. Although I do always fall for book guys, I also ship them with book gals.

So basically, I talk about a book couple (usually my OTP) who have got married! This idea literally came to me yesterday and it’s amazing- don’t you agree?

If you're asking yourself 'Who is America and Maxon Schreave?' then woahhhh, honey. That's when Nylah comes in. So basically if you follow me on Twitter or have read this post, or this post, or this post, or this post, then you'll know that I am a HUGEEEE fan of Kiera Cass and her world. 
  • BONUS: This couple are actually royals! (Maxon is born into a royal family and America is his then-princess and now queen). Their personalities are pretty regal, too
For those beautiful lost souls, here's a quick recap from yours truly:

So America loves Aspen but gets chosen to participate in the Selection, which is a national event competition  whereby Prince Maxon searches for a wife; a nice girl and an amazing girl. Obviously, there are rules to follow. One including that all of the 35 Selected girls must see Maxon at the same time. But our lovely America gets homesick and needs some air and the guards don't let her out but then Maxon comes!...and she's super mean to him. And she quickly stresses that she will not fall for him but will be a friend/spy, letting him know who will be the best wife for the prince (she is a bit biased, though). Anyways, their first date ends up being because of a bet and his father hates America and their love grows. AND they argue constantly!
Butttttt he is dating like 6 other girls simultaneously and he's never sure if America feels for him what he feels for her. And it's super complicated but an EXCELLENT love story. Their love story involves a fairy-tale wedding, four kids and their reign. 
She’s sassy
She’s the boss
She’s stubborn
She’s upfront
She’s truthful (which is usually her undoing)
She is amazing
   She’s funny and sarcastic
He’s humble
He’s the prince of Illea
He’s chivalrous AF
He refers to girls as ‘My Dear’ (which America hates)
He’s polite
He’s awesome
  He’s actually got a sense of humour


 So this couple 'Maxerica'  obviously has a huge amount of fans...but the Selection fandom is also comprised of the pairing between America and her former lover, Aspen. I myself do not ship them, but there's no hate- I love Aspen =)

Onto the interview! Oh, I'm so excited for this!!!!!!!

This interview was conducted before the events of The Heir but after The One :)
Nylah: Hey guys!  *clears throat* I mean, good afternoon, Your Majesties. *looks at America* You look radiant. How are you?
Maxon: Oh, please. ‘Maxon’ and ‘America’ are fine.
America: I’m fine, thank you. Being pregnant is a chore within itself! It’s harder than being queen.
Maxon: *mutters* Sorry
America:By the way, I love your blog!
Nylah: *pinches arm* Thank you.
Welcome to ‘Always Falling for Book Guys’ *smirks at Maxon* So, can you tell my readers how you fell in love? We all know how adamant America was…
America: Well, I guess it was just seeing what a nice guy Maxon was-is- and how not only distance made us appreciate our love but also him dating six other girls at the same time. *turns to Maxon* Still haven’t forgiven you for that, by the way.
Maxon: *grins and kisses America’s nose* I think America has mentioned everything. I know for a fact that she fell for my charm…as did all of the Elite. But, yeah, I had-and will always- feel an attraction towards America.
America & Nylah: Awwww.
Nylah: That is adorable. How hard is the role as King and Queen and husband and wife?
Maxon: Well first of all, neither are roles- it’s not really a sort of ‘keeping up appearances’ thing. Both were my birth-right. I was born to be king, and born to marriage the greatest woman alive.
Nylah: *cheeks go redder than America’s hair, ducks face in embarrassment*
America: I had to adapt to a whole new world- this guy was surrounded by this, with these clothes and decisions, since he could talk. But I could never have it any other way.
Maxon: *clears throat* Well I’ve had these dresses for a while, but none were my colour *mock sad face*
America: *glares then giggles*
Nylah: Next question: What is the most rewarding thing about being King and Queen of Illea?
Maxon and America: Having an amazing partner.
Nylah: *dies from loneliness*
Nylah: Children. How many would you both ideally have?
Maxon: However many America would like
America: *beams* Four!!...or more *winks*
Maxon: *swallows and scratches his eyebrow*
Nylah:  America, at the beginning of your adventure, you seemed to regret being Selected. Do you now?
America: *long pause* No. I mean, I found the love of my life and I’ve lived two lives- one as a singer appreciating what little she had with a loving family and now, as queen of my country with a remarkably amazing partner and a wonderful nation. Besides, I’ve learned to not let stereotypes- especially those of royals get the best of me. Also I’ve learnt not to regret anything-it’s what they learn you at the Queen Academy *laughs* Fate would’ve made me and Maxon meet, either way. *looks at Maxon*
Maxon: *looks close to tears, reaches for America’s hand*
Nylah: *dies from loneliness*
Nylah:  Maxon, Your Majesty, can you tell me what you did for America- and vice-versa- for your first-year anniversary? We all know what happened on your birthday, Maxon.
America: I’ll let you take this one *grins*
Maxon: *momentarily blushes* Well, I did that annoying ‘totally forgotten about it’ thing. *America laughs out loud* And even though I thought she’d argue and be cross with me, she handled the situation with grace. Then, in the evening, I took my dear America *America clears her throat whilst lets out a laugh* star-gazing in our garden and then on a private jet to a place in Swendway- they have these Western Lights where there’s the greatest constellations and we ate under the stars. Then we talked and reminisced about our moments together. It was just us, and for me, that was enough.
America: *lightly laughs* And then?
Maxon: *does a sigh that turns into an embarrassed laugh* And then our tent couldn’t stay put…
America: Who couldn’t put up the tent again? *covers a smirk*
Maxon: *mock glares at America* I, Maxon Schreave, King of Illea could not put up our tent.
*Both laugh*
America: Then what happened, Your Royal Highness?
Maxon: We…ended up getting Subway meals in Swendway by selling my shoes.
America: *is in hysterics* I forgot about that! *wipes a tear* How did the night end, Maxon Calix Schreave?
Maxon: We ended up getting matching star tattoos on our ankles and sleeping in a grubby motel…and my guards closed off the whole area, looking for us. Somehow this whole disaster was unknown to the press…and I’ll thank my lucky stars for that…pun intended *Maxon winks*
America: That was a really bad pun, Maxy. And it wasn’t a disaster- it was my favourite anniversary.
Nylah: *dies from loneliness*
Thank you both very , very much for this interview.
America: Our pleasure. *hugs me*
Maxon: *hugs me for THREE MISSISSIPPIS- Three Mississippi’s!*

 Maxon and America Schreave are now living happy in the Illea palace as the King and Queen, with four children: Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten. 

Here is some of my 'Maxerica' fanart taken from Tumblr:
(These photos are not property of me- all rights go to the rightful owners/creators)

And here is my tragic attempt to make Maxerica fanart -_- #ITried 

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