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BOOK REVIEW/RECAP: The One by Kiera Cass

*Definitely, definitely, a SPOILER zone
Well hellloooo there!! This post is going to be my review of The One by Kiera Cass but I suggest you quickly read my reviews of The Selection (#1) and The Elite (#2). I'll be waiting here so take your time. 
I'd like to quickly mention that I finished this novel wayyyy faster than I originally antisipated. Also, I've lost a lot of sleep whilst reading this series- no joke. 

I've decided to review this differently...Okay, so I don't know if I've ever mentioned this via my blog, but I've definitely thought about it plenty:
I decided to live-thought me reading this book
Okay, yes I got a bit of inspo from BuzzFeed but also from celebs when they (can be bothered to) live-tweet their shows. AND I'm gonna be using 'Friends' GIFs for the first proper, official time!! 
*Please note that these thoughts are honest to the point where they have only been edited for spelling mistakes and the insertion of GIFs. 
■ And please give me your honest opinion because I worked really hard on this :p

So yeah..that's happening and I'm so excited! Eeee let's gooo!!!

No, wait I forgot to give some book info; let's start with that first

Goodreads summary:
The time has come for one winner to be crowned.

When she was chosen to compete in the Selection, America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crown—or to Prince Maxon's heart. But as the end of the competition approaches, and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, America realizes just how much she stands to lose—and how hard she'll have to fight for the future she wants.

GENRE: Romance, Young Adult (YA), Dystopian? Sci-fi?
AUTHOR: Kiera Cass
SOURCE: eBook, Kindle 

RELEASE DATE: May 6th 20014

You've been warned....
*sniff* This is goodbye-whats the novel gonna be abt?
Wait- what?! Trust?! I'm sorry- whose got six GFs ATM??
Oohhh mysterious
♪Detain the Dangerous♫
America! Be polite!!..please, thank you ._.
                                    Or just do whatever you want, that's cool too                                                   
Seriously, Mer? Seduction?
This ain't gonna end well...
Eeee cringe
Oh, they're so cute #Maxerica
Kudos Prince Maxon 
Bless America Singer
I feel like I should put down my head in shame after that #readerinvestments
Girl, you did good
Kriss is no longer unicorns and rainbows- I knew Marlee was an irreplacable BFF
(This is Kriss RN LOL:)
You are a mean, mean man, Clarkson
They're so in sync
I hate it when I dont get book jokes
Long slow kisses will be the death of me
Six cheeky girls looking out the window st shirtless guards..ahh...
Omg these gals. Fighting over Maxon epic
Maxon has turned into quite the joker now..
Harsh Maxon HARSH
Slick: Maxon Shreave, your sovereign
I can picture Maxerica in the palace having coffee int mornings + sugar
That bargain had been made
Aw, Amberly is sweet as pie
That Maxerica fight was gold but Mer was kinda annoying -_-
Dude a rain dance! Ahh yess           
And makeout sesh
Damn Clarkson
You had to ruin it didn't you?!
Clarkson is the cloud who rained on their parade! Get it?! :P
Celeste has feelings?!
At first she was all...
Now she's all...
Ok seriously- Maxon enough! #newjokester
Loving Mer the Sassy Feminist
Right, hot couple in dangerous situations= my kind of concluding novel
Ladies, I sense a fight coming on
Gunshots in the dark
'Max and Mer'. I like that               
Dang Ames got shot! AND rescued a girl #sweetness
Imagine everyone in the movie...
Aspen is the alpha as of now  
Who would play Maxon?
Who would play America?
Who would play Woodwork?
The love triangle is alone.
Woowoo Marlee
Mer's sewn back up
Aww Anne♡
Aspen is kind
Max is sweet
Max get to the point! Say those 3 words!!
America is so humble
King is so malicious
Maxon defending Mer like
Oohh get it Maxy!
Daphne! Ghosts from his past..
Hehe Jealous Mer
'That' the king of Illea called Mer 'that'. Ahhaa too much
Ahhh photo op with the Elite.
Sorry I lost myself in this STELLER NOVEL. Dude. Currently we got a heated Maxerica argument :1      
Lol I honestly thought this was gonna be a Reign moment (don't kill me) where the king got Kenna and Bash to wed..
..I can confirm it was not
Oohhh mer ain't having none of that. Uh uh
Why is he fictional?
Who was he inspired by? Anyone? #AskKieraCass
I really need to find me a Maxon...
What's education for, anyways? One more chapter!
Woowoo xmas!
...I think
Guys, she's in his room for the 1st time- his room!
A devilish smirk came to his face. I'm done- I'M DONE!! Good Lord, take me now
Ok not really
DAMN. Who ruined this moment?! Who?!!!
What?! Why? Imma cry. Why him?!
Kiera Cass be like:

Kiera Cass got me like:

Brb drowing in tears
Maxon vouching for homegirl warms my heart
Maxon letting homegirl cry on his shoulder is everything
Wait...Aspen? C'mon Maxon
Open thy eyes!!
Wooooo, back in District 12.
*I mean America's hometown
..What was that called??
I detest Kota sooo much
Not cool dude
OOhhhhh alpha Ames
#Amerspen / #Asperica are gonna be known to Maxon o_O
Ahhh I feel for him
This is Maxon rn. Basically
How will he react?
Only a teeny bit left- how will everything that needs to happen happen?!
Is there a fourth novel?                     
Awww #35groupreuinion
A rebel??????!!!!!!!!!?!?!?
Maxon has summoned Mer to the palace. Ooohhh
Or castle I actually dk
Okay, Nylah's neurones be cool!! Hold those tear dams up! Don't let them escape
It's her!! It's America! Wooo She's THE ONE
Song circulating my mind atm: ♪ It was always you ♫ byMaroon 5
Omg that gesture tho..the picture
wait HOUSE?! 
Ahhhaha I love this couple!
Haha oh shit! This is awkward
Holy...Amespen got caught! Doing nothing. But Maxerica are kinda almost engaged
Awww he wrote her letters.
Embarrassing, sweet letters
Currently swooning
Love you maxon

Change of heart: cold maxon isn't nice maxon
Change of scene happening wayyy too fast
I knew he was gonna do that!!!
Maxon Shreave caught a bullet for America Singer
Life is complete. Now wait- I need a wedding
Eeehhee my faith is restored
So darkness I became
I wonder what Marlee is up to
Celeste?! No WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!
Ha, two novels ago, I never would've said that
Shot in the back of the head? That's rough.. red RED
too much, too much
America wakes up in hospitals quite a lot
'He's the king'

Man, I need to buy this series in hardback so I CAN FEEL IT RATHER THAN FLICKING PAGES ON ME KINDLE
That's the end. *sniff*
Wooo Epilogue!!
A WEDDING! A wedding!
The wedding got me like:
OMG Marlee is the bridesmaid!! #FriendshipGoals
Oh, that bromance between Maxon and Carter really needs to be explored #hinthint Ahem, Kiera Cass #SpinoffPleaseThankYou
soooo happy!!
Awwwww :)
Okay where'a the nearest corner?
Just gonna crawl there for a lil' bit

This book actually made me cry. Me, Nylah, cry. I never cry, I actually thought I had a cold heart (hey, don't sympathize me, I'm cool with that..well I was <--No pun intended..about the 'cool' thing. Never mind)
It was an emotional rollercoaster; I've suffered from too many feels from this book so I'm gonna take a week's vacation. Lol. 
As I mentioned in another review of another novel in this series, I- the reader- was in America's head so I've suffered heartbreak, loss, love and tonnes of other-normally-nonexistant-to-me emotions. 
This pretty much sums me up: 
There are no flaws of this novel. Truly. I loved every element and am sad it's over. Like IS THAT IT?!! But I have heard of a spinoff with their daughter to come out in early May (Coincidence?! I think NOT) so EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Like with the other two novels, it was written in America's POV and her perception on life is amazing.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

5 stars!! 🙌

There were, however, some questions that were left unanswered that I really need answers to:
..Why and how was America's dad a rebel?
..Why and how was Kriss a rebel?
..Amberly....WHY?! Jokes, I know- for storyline purposes
..Why wasn't Gregory Illea a huge part of this?
..I ship it FedEx style but what made Maxon suddenly shift from Kriss to America? And when did that happen when he was ~sudder~ shot?
..Like how did they resolve the Asperica thing so quickly??
Hopefully we'll find these out soon?

The characters have changed a great amount- or maybe just found themselves, idk but I need to write new descriptions of them. Here, we, go:............
Queen America Singer~The girl who once compared herself to everyone by saying 'The Perfectionist, the Sweetheart, the Diva . . . and me.” is now my fave Girl Power Protagonist..and hey she's also a Queen, too.
King Maxon Shreave~ Maxon is everything. He took a bullet for America, he turned into a jokester, BUT (why am I saying but- he's flawless), BUT he wanted America to say those three words first. Erm..why? The moment he knew he loved her he should have said it (lmao, who am I to talk?) but I kind of get it. But he should have said it. 
Kriss~ Maxon's other choice in the final two who kind of turned lethal and was, brace yourself....a Northern rebel. I know, I know, can't believe it either.
Aspen Leger~ Aspen matures alot in this novel. Like he finally comes to terms with him no longer having feelings for 'Mer' AND walked her down the aisle. This guy knows exactly where his loyalties lie: With his job (he got shot ans almost couldn't walk :o) and Lucy. Yes, Lucy- America's maid. Speaking of maids:...
The maids~ Mer's squad were flawlessly amazing. They tried to help her be sexy and were just downright awesome. However, (man I hate that word) something tragic happened. Read it to find it {which is ridiculous of me seeing as this is a spoiler-y region}
The Singer fam~ I can' painful...okay, here goes
Shalom Singee died and was a rebel!?! I still don't understand that
The mum and May and Gerard are fine.
There was a nice sister-sister talk between Kenna and America, re: Aspen/Asperica
Kota is horrible.
The Queen and the King~ At first I thought 'Oh, man. This was done for storyline purposes -_-' But then, when Maxon was in the King's suite, he explained to homegirl that Amberly took a bullet for Clarkson *sniff* I cool, I cool ><
The Elites~ With it being a competition, ovviously things got rough. KRISS WAS A REBEL! CELESTE GOT SHOT IN THE HEAD 😢 But there were good times. Like when they decided to have a photo-op with the Queen and when Kriss shut the door on Maxon's face after her gave them his camera. 
The Rebels~ Georgia and her husband were sweet and all...but why, on Wikia, does it say thay *SPOILER ALERT?* Amberly and Clarkson and Gaveil were rebels?!?!?!? Did I miss something in the book?! Seriously, enlighten me in the comments ⬇

MY FAVOURITE QUOTES: (In chronological order)😏
  • "Suck it in, miss". I obeyed, and as the dress cliched me in again, I thought of a soldier going to war. Different armour but same idea.
  • '...and even though he wasn't watching me, he was still suppressing a smug expression as he cut his food.'
  • There were four girls and one prince, and three of us would be leaving soon with little more than an interesting story of how we spent our fall.
  •  Before I could even sip, Maxon slid the bowl of sugar in front of me. Like he knew.
  • Because when you're on the bottom, your only choice is to blame the top.
  • "Not wanting the crown means you’re probably the best person to have it.”   
  • Unfortunately, it looked like the universe was plotting against me.
  • .."I like that we disagree—it’s one of my favorite things about you, actually—but I don’t want to argue anymore..." 
  • “Leave it to you to find beauty in something others would say ruins a day.”
  • Maxon broke the kiss and looked at me. “You’re so pretty when you’re a mess.”
  • I carefully tucked my love for Maxon away in my heart, a little afraid of this feeling.
  • “We need something to hold your pants up or it’s going to be a very scandalous evening. Well, more so than it already is.”
  • As if he’d won the argument, Maxon looked at me with a face that said See!
  • “To be clear, no one agrees with you.” “To be clear, I don’t care.”
  • My chest swelled with pride. That was my Aspen, always trying to fix things.
  • How are you going to talk away a bullet wound, America?
  • I took comfort in the fact that she sewed almost all my clothes. My arm shouldn’t be a problem.
  • sad to know about it and devastated that he couldn’t undo it.
  • “Your eyes look like chocolate,” I mumbled. He smiled. “And yours look like the morning sky.”
  • She took a deep breath. “Officer Leger.” “Ooooh,” I said, more shocked than I could express.
  • “All the same, I won’t quickly forget the sound of your muffled screams as Anne sewed you back together. Come, you should be resting.”
  • Bravery hides amazing things.
  • “Smile, ladies!” the photographer instructed, and we all showed our brightest faces, hoping to cover our dangerous secret.
  • Perfect was my only option.
  • [About guys] I don't need a line. I just need one.
  • She even looked different with the weight of her secrets cast off from her.
  • “Oh, Celeste was making it clear that if I hurt you, she’d make me cry,” he said with a smile. I laughed. “I’ve been on the receiving end of those nails, so be careful there.” “Yes, ma’am.”
  • While I’m humiliated over and over again, and you stand by? That’s not love, Maxon. You don’t even know what love is.” “The hell I don’t! Do you have any idea what I’ve been through—”
  • The whole thing must have been for show since it never seemed to get cold enough here to justify a fire.
  • He sighed, searching for the words. “I can’t tell you she means nothing. I can tell you that you mean more.” “How am I supposed to be sure of that if you can’t send her home?” A devilish smirk came to his face. He moved his lips to my ear. “I can think of a few other ways to show you how you make me feel,” he whispered.
  • Then he left me alone in my sadness.
  •  I was going to fight.
  • “. . . It’s me?” “Of course it’s you.”
  • “How many damn buttons does this thing have?” he complained. “I know! It’s—” Maxon sat up, placing his hands along the bust line of my dress.
  • “Hey,” I said, cupping his cheek. “I’m one of five, remember? I have really good genes in that department. It’ll be all right.”
  • Where I used to imagine you as a girl with a bag full of stones, ready to throw them at any foe who crossed her path, you have become the stone itself.
  • Didn’t the sky know the world was falling apart? How could the sun shine today?
  • “sometimes I think it was all those obstacles that made me love you so deeply.”
  • Brave as I ought to be, I tremble.
Woahhhhhhhhhh, I went overboard. Oh, well; YOLO :D
That's it from me- I hope you enjoyed this very different style of my usual reviews. Comment below if you'd like me to do another review featuring GIFs and my live thoughts- it'll be fun. 
I'm going to DEFINITELY read The Heir soon as I buy it in which case I'll have a review up ASAP. 

I'm currently taking it slow with reading, as I am still living in Illea/Angeles. 

Dear Kiera Cass,
I'd like to thank you personally for creating this world. Honestly. I loved every second of being engulfed in your novels and hope that feeling remains. It truly is an amazing series and I applaud you for your huge dedication and imagiantion. This is definitely a story that'll stay with me forever...the paperback versions are my brithday present (May 5th) (I originally read these as ebooks...which was absolute brutality to my eyes :1) 
Anyways, yeah, so thanks Ms Cass. I just wanted to let you know that this series had a huge effect on me- for the better. 
Love, Nylah☆ ♡

I heart YOU loads for sticking me with me all the way to the bottom of this post.
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Thanks so much for reading this- it means the world to be!!
Stay bookish and brilliant!
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  1. High five buddy! I am kinda cold hearted too... I wish I could cry to books more :)

    1. Same here! Did you cry at the end of Allegience?? I didn't..>< lol