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BOOK TALK: Books Being Adapted Into Films

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I've spontaneously decided to start a new segment on my blog entitled 'Book Talk'...wherein I talk about, uh, books. J/k..well kinda. It's just certain topics and discussions.
And to start off this segment, I'm going to discuss the factor that single-handedly increases the amount of sales and popularity of books: Adapting it into a film. 

2009 was the beginning of something huge with Twilight becoming a huge hit. (I'll admit, I was a Twi-hard but that kinda died out). It made vampires hot and sooo many shows, movies and books were centered around them. The Vampire Diaries came out, which was adapted from books and then the saga of Twilight continued.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a huuggeeee Potterhead (I think that's what Harry Potter fans are called) but I think it was probably around The Order of The Phoenix-The Half Blood Prince to where it had lots of more attention, due to the comparison to Twilight. 
Being British, we all practically grew up to Harry Potter bedtime stories and were told this: JK Rowling had more money than the Queen. So there's no denying that adapting a book does definitely increase sales and popularity. 
But is it worth it?

In the case of the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which I hear is a massively successful novel series, that got barely one star on Rotten Tomatoes for the film, starring Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell-Bower, no it is not worth it. I actually went to watch that, because of the huge buzz it got: It had it's own nail polish line, it was pegged to be a cool gothic love story and the relationship between Collins and Campbell-Bower off-screen. But man, oh man was it dull. It was too try-hardy- not individual at all. 
Sorry, I must stress (mainly to myself, not you) that this is a discussion, not a review. 
Anyways, you could say the movie adaptation of TMI destroyed the novel series...hell, it did for me- I've been put off the books, unfortunately (never say never, though). 
Well there's proven to be life after that disaster as it's been picked up by ABC for a TV show (possibly following the footsteps of TVD and PLL, etc?), with the dude from Taylor Swift's 'Style' playing Jace. 
Also, the sales of the books have gone sky-high, which could either be due to huge amounts of book recommendations from friends or the need to be down with everything, rather than looked down upon (simple in-group/out-group principles).

In the case of The Hunger Games and Divergent, then yes. [You wouldn't even be reading this if you had no idea what THG and Divergent are so there's no need for explanations]. Both the films and books were hits and so it seems that these adaptations were worth it. 

Then we've got The Fault In Our Stars, which, pardon me for sounding so crude, but which, in a sense popularised cancer. There's a few TV shows about cancer now and hopefully there's plenty of awareness, too. (That movie, FYI, was cinematic gold).
I found myself to be a victim to the need of being in the in-group by buying and reading (and enjoying) the book. (The book, BTW, was structural gold). 
{Note: John Green's other- unrelated- novel, Paper Towns is set to release as a film soon, starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevigne}.

The Fallen series by Lauren Kate (which was my first ever YA book!) has already been adapted and I think it's finished pre-production. It stars Addison Timlin and Jeremy Irvine and is scheduled to be out some time this year (eeeeee!). I just hope it's good- Lauren Kate says it's good but time will tell. Hopefully this will generate as much buzz as Twilight did, seeing as it has similar elements:
• A love triangle
• A supernatural male
• A human girl
• A huge army of fans behind the books.

Almost done, I swear! (Kudos, if you've actually reached this far, by the way ♡)

Becca Fitzpatrick of the Hush, Hush saga made a very riskfree choice by passing on selling movie rights. And I applaud her. In this case, I feel like the book is enough and is flawless. Besides, if I and millions of other fans see it in our minds, what's there not to be missing out on?

Lastly, we've got The Selection series by Kiera Cass, which will possibly be adapted by Warner Bros. In contrast to The Mortal Instruments, it's gone from two cancelled CW pilots to potentially the big screen. Again, time will tell with this one. 

I would conclude this post, but I don't know how to :1
Urm...I guess adapting a book into a stellar film means more than good script and actors. 

Please, please, please don't take offense for anything I have written and tell me if you agree or disagree. This was merely something I thought about on a Sunday morning and decieded to put into words. If anything seemed to be malicious, I promise you it was done unconsciosuly and unintentionally. 

Thanks for reaching the bottom of this post! I hope you read my other posts (they're not all like this!...for better or for worse?) 
Byeee! :D

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