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BOOK REVIEW: The Selection by Kiera Cass

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Today, it is my great honour to, present you with my review of Kiera Cass's The Selection.
I'd like to mention quickly and with no regret that I apologise if there are some spelling or punctuation errors; I'm writing my review on my iPad in bed, listening to Florence Welch rather than my laptop at my desk, listening to Flo. Why? Well I became very tired due to, ahem, finishing The Selection at midnight and then almost immediately buying the second one in the early hours of this morning, and reading the first five chapters after which I called it a night. Sooooo yeah. 😋

Okay, sorry for rambling and I this part and the above are (obviously) not part of the review. 
I've decided to tell you the backstory about how I came to buy and love this novel. So if you're a newbie here (Welcome! I love you.) then you must know that I have a tendency to fall for all of the male characters in books. I mean, hell of did you not see my Xmas '14 list?
Okay so in the lonely hour, I went on Tumblr and I think I typed 'book boyfriends' and found the sweetest little image [I will find it and immediately post it here!] that said what you want in a real bf. 'Chivalrous like Maxon Shreave' caught my eye(most of the other guys I'd heard of) and so I investigated him because chivalry is dead.

Let's move onto the review! ... If you're still here 😶

Goodreads summary
For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she's made for herself--and realizes that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.

GENRE: Romance, Young Adult (YA), Dystopian?
AUTHOR: Kiera Cass
SOURCE: eBook, Kindle 

RELEASE DATE: April 24th 2012

About the author: KIERA CASS
100 Things I Love:

Being married. Cake. The smell of Autumn. Motherhood. Books. Elephants. Back rubs. On demand movies. Actually going out to movies. Faith. Cinnamon rolls. My family.
Butterflies. When my kitchen is clean. Crayons. Pink. Tote bags. Dancing. Organizing via color coordination. That my wedding dress was tea length, not floor. Baking. My house. Writing utensils. Paper. India. The sound of water. Making videos. Buttons. The word Episcopalian. Making people laugh. Layering clothes. British accents. Pinterest. Animation. Fireworks. The smell of the Ocean. My wedding rings. Aprons. Reasons to get dressed up. Sex. Pop music. Stars. Taking walks. Daydreaming. Stickers. School Spirit. My friends. Living in a small town. Japan. Singing. Painting my toenails. Pranks/ practical jokes. Painting. Stretch canvas. Costumes. Dipping my fingers in melted wax. Style. Soda. Spending an hour typing at a coffee shop. Musicals. Back to school season. Mopeds. Good hair days. Naps. Not walking up but looking at a beautiful staircase. Driving alone. My ankles. Playlists. Spending entire days in pajamas. Holidays. Telling stories. Spontaneity. Theme parks. Bookshelves. The word copacetic. Boxes. Empty journals. Surprises. Doing things in groups. Doing things alone. Getting real mail. Decorating. Small forks. A good hug. Gift cards. New Years Goals. Going out to dinner. When someone else remembers some great story about me/us that I’ve forgotten. Toy stores. Fireplaces. Breakfast foods. Journaling. Crying for a good reason. Doorbells. Pointless adventures. Voting. My birthday. Reasons to make wishes. Recycling.

*suspenseful voice*It all started with hyperventilating/claustrophobia and a royal getting kicked where the sun don't shine...

Alrighty...where to start? I loved this novel! It followed our badass protagonist, America Singer live in poverty and the only thing keeping her afloat is her secret boyfriend, Aspen (who was hott). Yes, I too did question the name. At first I though it was 'American Singer' but it grows and now her name is second nature. It's kind of got a Hunger Games-esque in that there are chases, which are essentially districts. So a One is rich and probably royal and Eights are homeless beggars who everyone ignores. America is a Five, whereas Aspen is a Six and his dignity and modesty gets in the way- whose wouldn't though? So yeah he breaks
up with her. It also reminded me of Miss Congeniality, which was fun. Basically, (and this is
 cool why isn't it real?!) when the prince turns 19 he must find a wife and so tonnes of girls sign up to be narrowed down to 35. They are picked at random and America, still heartbroken over Aspen, gets chosen. Woo!

The novel was at a speed that was not snail slow but not so fast that I didn't know what was going on. It was written in first person- America's POV. And I can tell was a darn priveldge to be in her head- she's such a bad ass!

Okay, so overtime there are obstacles and she has difficulty adjusting but by ¾ she was a total boss. 


America Singer~ She's such a cool, true to the stereotype, she's a tempered redhead. But she's caring and upfront and stands up for what she believes in. I especially loved that she hated giving orders to her maids and made Prince Maxon aware that she wouldn't fall in love with him and was only here for the food 😂 But the heart wants what it wants...
Prince Maxon Shreave~ Maxon was kind of enigmatic but I kind of new from the start that he liked America...alongside the rest of the palace when he called her out. He was/is protective and is one of my faves in this series. I maybe three years behind...but he's mine ladies!
Aspen Leger~ Aspen, Aspen,'re hot then you're cold. He's hot, older BUT I couldn't tell if him becoming an officer when America was in the Elite (top 6) was because of that or 'absence makes the heart grow stronger' Dk. Maybe this is a spoiler but he sneaks in her room and they- heavily- make out because her and Maxon had a fight. 
This particular quote made me think that maybe their love is real but all shall be revealed when I keep reading: '''I hate you, you know" "I know, Mer, I know"' So yeah there's a love triangle.
Anne, Mary and Lucy~They are America's maids and I'll be honest, I overall couldn't tell them apart.
I only know that Anne is the Head Maid and Lucy is the younger, scared one who got attacked.
America's family~ Consisted of her (nice) Dad, (bossy) Mum, little brother Gerard and her little sister May. I'll admit the mum and May were a bit...rough to me- although she meant well, her mum kept bugging her about everything. And May seems like those girly-girls who would be spoilt and selfish if she had money (like Hilary Banks in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Phil got the job in the prologue ep- "I'm rich, I'm rich!") Also, America had two older siblings who left- Kota and Kenna. Kota was selfish and left because he wanted to dissociate from his family and be a famous painted and Kenna got married and is now expecting. 
The King and Queen~ Stereotypically, both would be moody and dismal but it was only the King- the Queen was a hoot and a half...maybe because she firsthand experienced what the girls are going through
Celeste~ Urgh, Celeste- the Regina George of the palace
Silvia~ The sweet mentor/teacher/mother figure
Gavril~ The broadcaster. Who did his job perfectly and then some.

Overall, I enjoyed Cass's characters 😃 They're my friends :)

My Favourite Quotes
  • 'And sometimes people don't know whether to interpret silence as confidence or fear.'
  • 'I suppose he expected us to adore him and thank our lucky stares for his existsnce.'
  • "Miss? Are you awake?" "Noooo," I moaned into the pillow.
  • 'I knee His Majesty in the thigh. Hard. Maxon let out a yell..'
  • 'She straightened her dress, as if she could rub off this piece of her history that seemed to bother her.'
  • "She was treated for some cuts, but no one ever really saw to her mind..."
  • '(Were the shoes really neccessary? No one was even going to see my feet.)
  • I was used to watching this on a comfy couch with bowls of popcorn and family commentary.
  • "The last time I saw him was at my send-off," I choked. "He was with another girl." "WHAT?" Maxon shouted.
  • This whole scene was absolute gold and I was LOL-ing so hard. 👌 Maxon...♡_♡ Anyways, it'll take me forever and a half to type it all out so I'll only do a few of my major faves. Enjoy! 'So you're stubborn, then? Have a bit of a temper?' I saw Maxon covering his mouth with his hands, laughing. "Sometimes." "If you have a temper, would you happen to be the one who yelled at our prince?" I sighed. "Yes, it was me. And right now, my mother is having a heart attack." Maxon called out to Gavril, "Get her to tell the whole story!"
  • I looked past Maxon, who was shaking with laughter.
  • Was I the only one who saw how flawed I was?
  • "One thing you must master in this profession is the ability to appear calm when you feel anything but."
  • OK PICTURE THIS: 'He had his suit coat off, and the sleeves were rolled up on his white shirt. His blue tie was loosened at the next, and his hair that was always slicked back was bouncing around a bit as he moved. In stark contrast to the person in uniform yesterday, he looked more boyish, more real.' MY WORK HERE IS DONE. (Not really
  • "No! For goodness' sake...Oh, just...why don't you just clean something!"
  • "Every girl needs to shine once in a while."

It is only now that I realise that those were wayyy to many fave quotes..the sad part is that I digitally highlighted most of the book. 😋

So in case it isn't obvious, I adore this book and the series and the author
(I'm currently reading THE ELITE #2 so stayed tuned for my reciew of that. Hopefully it'll be shorter ;) 😉)

All in all I reward this book:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4.8 stars!! :')

I look very forward to finding out what happens =D

HUGE THANKS to Kiera Cass, the author, for creating this amaxing world and the amazing characters!!
PROPS to me for doing the original review on my iPad- my fingers still feel weird from aggressively tapping a screen! 

QUESTIONS: (Comment below with your answers!)
○ Are you Team Aspen or Team Maxon??
○ What do you think of Marlee? Is she hiding something bad?
○ Will America make a great queen? Will Maxon even choose her?
○ Who's your dream cast??

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