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BOOK REVIEW: The Elite by Kiera Cass

Heyyyyyy!!! Ah, I'm so excited to be reviewing The Elite for you!! Honestly, it's been soooo long since I've read a book at 11pm-4am and dang, it felt good! 
Let's crack on :)

Please note that it would be wise- and only logical ;)- to read my review of the previous novel in this series, The Selection. To do that, click here

BREAKING NEWS: The #SelectionMovie has been confirmed and the rights have been bought by Warner Bros. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Goodreads summary:
The Selection began with thirty-five girls.
Now with the group narrowed down to the six Elite, the competition to win Prince Maxon's heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies. Is it with Maxon, who could make her life a fairy tale? Or with her first love, Aspen?

America is desperate for more time. But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want—and America's chance to choose is about to slip away.

GENRE: Romance, Young Adult (YA), Dystopian? Sci-fi?
AUTHOR: Kiera Cass
SOURCE: eBook, Kindle 

RELEASE DATE: April 23rd 2013

Where to start?? Honestly, I don't know...
Alright, I've composed myself (had a minor feels-attack. We good to go XD)
**It took me a while to kickstart this review because the events from the next one are interfering with those from this book. (I wanted to start The One next week but couldn't help myself).
What I love(d) about this novel is that it kicks in straight away after the events of The Selection. We got America talking about her feelings about both Aspen and Maxon but still not deciding and/or being in denial if she wanted to be Maxon's princess. Girlllll.

Okay, I'm not gonna lie: most times America seemed really b*tchy but it was kinda understandable given the circumstances (Hey, I'd be stressed if I was having stunning ball gowns made, amazing feasts and a sexy-ass prince pining for me!)
Also, we got a little insight to #Maxiss / #Krisson (Maxon + Kriss), which I can tell you becomes very significant in the next novel. 
Another mini bad point was that the King seemed horribly intimidating, which made me wonder why Amberly fangirled over him and married him?

And those damn rebels!! I swear in each novel they invade 7+ times. C'mon guys. BUT, it caused such an amazing scene between our faves, Maxon and America -- #Maxerica
Speaking of Maxerica, dudes we all  know y'all are in love, so just SAY IT ALREADY. Lord knows you both show it. *sigh* What am I gonna do about my OPT??

Oh, dear and Marlee got, urm...caught doing something? Anyways she was stripped of her caste and whipped. But alas, there was a loophole.
Maxon was sooooo sweet when he set up the Halloween ball JUST FOR AMERICA. Jeez, just get married man.

America was adorably sweet in that she tried to be political and it went horribly. That made her even more bad ass!

Also, kudos to Ms Kierra Cass for individualizing Mer's maids because now I finally know each one!!
Test me:
  1. Anne- The Head Maid who's stern but loving
  2. Mary- The nice one who's sooo polite
  3. Lucy- The  shy one. She's so sweet and vulnerable!
Do I get an A+??

Just like The Selection, The Elite is written in America's (past) point of view and is written beautifully. Honestly, Cass has an amazing way with words. 

To get an insight on the characters, click here and scroll down. I think the only differences between what I wrote then and think now are:
- The King: Is evil. Like, seriously. He hates America, and because I'm in America's head, he hates me (sorry, I tend to go into deep)
- Officer Woodwork: Hhaha read it to find out ;)
-Woman's Room: Isn't technically a person, but it's so significant it deserves to be written here.

But OMG that ending was brutal. Flabbergastingly brutal. I got shot in the heart! How could ___ do that?

Okay, let's move onto my fave part:MY FAVORITE QUOTES But it should actually be called 'Only a fraction of the amount of times I highlighted quotes in this book'. 
  • “It wasn’t like I made his world better. It was like I was his world. It wasn’t some explosion; it wasn’t fireworks. It was a fire, burning slowly from the inside out.”
  • “Love is beautiful fear”
  • “I pranced around the room like a blind moose, but what I lacked in grace I made up for in effort.”  
  • “Sometimes I feel like we're a knot, too tangled to be taken apart.” 
  • “I sighed. "Actually, Mom, we argue pretty regularly."
    "What?" She gaped at me. "Well, stop it!"
    "Oh, and I kneed him in the groin once."
    There was a split second of silence before May barked a laugh. She covered her mouth and tried to stop it, but it kept coming out in awkward, squeaky sounds. Dad's lips were pressed together, but I could tell he was on the verge of losing it himself.
    Mom was paler then snow.
    "America, tell me you're joking. Tell me you didn't assault the prince."
    I don't know why, but the word assault pushed us all on the edge; and May, Dad, and I bent over laughing as Mom stared at us.
    "Sorry, Mom," I managed.
    "Oh, good lord." She suddenly seemed very excited in meeting Marlee's parents, and I didn't stop her from going.” 
  • “I should have proposed that night in your room." "I should have let you.” 
  • “It’s because I’m so good-looking, isn’t it?” 
  • “I'd spare your tears for the rest of your life if I could.” 
  • “You’ve changed me forever. And I’ll never forget you.”
    I ran my free hand down his chest, straightening his coat.
    “Don’t tug your ear with anyone else. That’s
    mine.” I gave him a tight smile.
    “A lot of things are yours, America.” 
  • “Time. I was asking for a lot of it these days. I hoped that if I had enough, everything would somehow fall into place.” 
  • “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in the Selection, it’s that some girls have a frightening killer instinct. Don’t let the ball gowns fool you,”
  • “Maxon sighed. “Honestly? I was trying to give the other girls a sporting chance. From the beginning, I’ve really only looked at you, wanted you.”
I apologise if this was a bit of a foggy review- I'm getting mixed up between the Elite and The One (which I'm currently reading; REVIEW UP SOON)
I hope you enjoyed my review nonetheless. 

Overall, it was an amazing read and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I swooned over both Maxon and Aspen wayyy more than I bargained for.
With that said...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

4.7 stars!! 

 ツ Are you Team Maxon or Team Aspen? I still can't decide!!
 ツ I'VE ALSO FINISHED READING 'THE PRINCE'! (Maxon's novella). If you want me to review, let me know in the comments. Fo' real. Don't leave me hanging. Not after you made your way all the way down to here. 
 ツ Who else fears the King so much?
 ツ Who's your fave maid?
 ツ List your dream cast in the comment section below

*SONG FOR THIS NOVEL* Starlight by Taylor Swift
Warning: The feels will come rushing in waves

Rightyo, that's me done for today. Love you all, stay bookish :)
If you're wondering what I'm going to be doing now, here's the answer: Imma be reading The One until I finish it!

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