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BOOK REVIEW: The Redeemable Prince by Rachel Higginson || 22nd December: BlogMas

Hiii guys!! Happy BlogMas Day 22! 
Today I will be reviewing The Redeemable Prince by Rachel Higginson. My review is wayyyy overdue- I've been so busy! To check out my 'Cover Reveal' for this novel, click here (WARNING: The cover is TDF)

Before we crack on, in yesterday's BlogMas post I revealed a bit of my schedule. The Release Day Event for Forever His Baby Release by Morgana Phoenix to be today but has now been postponed to the 24th of December. Stay tuned for that. 
Okay, let's begin. 

Goodreads summary: 
Seraphina Van Curen and Sebastian Cartier thought they were soul mates once upon a time. But for over a year, they have been well aware of just how quickly love can turn to hate and how cruel fate can be.

They might not be able to stand the sight of each other, but that’s okay since they avoid each other like the plague.

When danger strikes too close to home, and ancient Magic surfaces, they find themselves in the center of a deadly war. Seraphina and Sebastian strike an uneasy truce in order to end Dmitri Terletov, once and for all. They must work together to save what’s left of the Kingdom and protect the people they love most.

Along the way, they discover fate isn’t finished with them yet.

Fate is just getting started.

GENRE: Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
AUTHOR: Rachel Higginson
PUBLISHER: Reckless Siren Publishing
SOURCE: eARC, PDF (I'm a Reckless Rebel)
RELEASE DATE: December 17th 2014

Buy it:

This book is part of the Star Crossed series and if you 
haven't read that, then check it out here, here and here- Book one 
if FREE!!!
This is the cover:...

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This book is the seventh and concluding novel in the amazing Star Crossed series. CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO CRY ABOUT THE SERIES ENDING?
On a serious note, I liked this book. I particularly enjoyed Seraphina and Sebastian avoiding each other- it was gold!

Like all of Rachel Higginson's books, it was an amazing blend of romance, wittiness, action and it was relatable. Their journey was concluded and I'd be lying to see I will not miss it. Kudos, Ms Higginson as it ended epically. 
The story was a wondrous roller-coaster that I did not want to end

Another thing- or person, rather- which I loved was Seraphina, our female protagonist. Rachel sculpted her beautifully and I enjoyed getting to know her even more. 

I don't really want to spoil anything for y'all so I'm going to round it of now, but seriously BUY IT. You will not regret. Just know that it is brilliant. 
Imma give it:...
                                    ★ ★ ★  4 stars
Thanks to Rachel Higginson for trusting me with an ARC of this fantastico novel- I hope I did not disappoint. 

Bye!!! :D
First book cover:
Second book cover:

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