Tuesday, 9 December 2014

9th December: BlogMas

Happy blogmas day 9!!
Whew! Yesterday was the launch event for Breaking the Rules by Katie McGarry and I had the opportunity to participate. Click here to check that out.

Right. So today I was planning and drafting a full length (a) super serious blog post about my perception on life in this day and age. E.g YouTube stars and their illusion of perfect and Tumblr. I also wrote down a few personal anecdotes.
Check out a sneek peek (via Twitter) of that unpublished post
If you CBA clicking that link (first off, why? How?) then it's right here:
"I've been through hell and back. Granted, everyone's hell is different. I've found peace, it's been hard"  

I don't know why but those words mean a great deal to me. They just came from my heart and my fingers typed them somewhat without thinking. In relation to my snippet, I present you with a very powerful quote:
As always, it's taken from WeHeartIt and as always, it's not mine.
That's a little bit of motivation for you all. Whether it's school work, boys/girls, family life, or anything else, remember that quote. Keep going. 

Darn it. This is has kinda sorta turned into one of those preaching-inspirational posts. 

Well I gotta get back to This is Sarah by Ally Malinenko. 
Bye!! :D

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