Sunday, 7 December 2014

7th December: BlogMas

Hi guys!!
It's the 7th of December, and I am simultaneously listening to Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine, studying and writing this post.
My to-do list for tonight:
• Study Chem and Bio
• Complete homework
• Read This is Sarah
• Write the draft for..*drum roll, please*

The Breaking the Rules by Katie McGarry book launch event!!!!!!!!!!

I am so incredibly excited and honoured to be a part of this. Make sure to check back here tomorrow to see the post!
For those curious, the event/post will consist of:
▪ A banner
▪ An excerpt
▪ The cover
▪ Links for purchase

Who else is excited? I am!! Again, remember to come back to Autumn Reads to see the book launch event of Breaking the Rules by Katie McGarry. 
That's all from me today-
Byeee!! ☺📚

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