Friday, 5 December 2014

5th December: BlogMas

Happy BlogMas Day 5, everyone!
How's everyone's December going so far? Although I can't complain, in the UK- where I live, at least- there's no indication of snow. And I need snow this year- Snow was a no show (LOL!) last year. To make myself feel better, I downloaded (and hearted!) some snowy pics from WeHeartIt. Me on WeHeartIt ➳ Ny98

Aren't they beautiful? Can this happen here now, please?!?!?!? 😤

So my current read is This is Sarah by Ally Malinenko. I've just started it and actually won a copy of the eBook in a giveaway! {This is me giving all y'all that think you never win, you will. Be patient}
A review should be up shortly, and in case you're curious, here is the spectacularly pretty cover:
♢ I've just realised that it seems soooo fitting that this post is about me wanting snow and this cover has snow on it! #revelation #Sherlock

With my fluffy socks on, a near-dead phone and lots of school work that needs to be un-procrastinated, I bid you ado!
Remember to comment below and check back tomorrow for BlogMas Day 5!
Bye!! ☺

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