Thursday, 4 December 2014

4th December: BlogMas

It is the fourth day of my 'BlogMas' and I'm going to tell you about my day today! Yay or nay?
So here we go:

• 7am- I woke up (after many failed attempts) and got ready for school
• 7:50am- I stepped out of the door and began my morning walk to school. It was freezing.
8:10am- I arrived at school and put stuff in or out of my locker
I went to my first lesson
2:50pm- School finished. I congratulated myself that I survived and went home.
3:15pm- I arrived home and relaxed for a while. {My definition of 'relaxed': Listening to either Florence Welch or Sleeping at Last or Taylor Swift, then reading some of a book, then watching a bit of Teen Wolf or TVD, etc and then going on my phone)
4:00pm- I freshened up and began doing homework. Not very fun.
6:00pm- I read a few more pages of my current read. Then ate and ate =D
6:36pm- I went on Twitter and ended up entering lots of Rafflecopter giveaways.
7:40pm- I read a few tweets (okay, more than 10 really) by Sincerely Tumblr then went on WeHeartIt. It is epic, check me out on that--> Ny98
8:20pm- I went on Tumblr and downloaded some quotes about a certain..crush I am experiencing (Phew! I am not alone)
9:00pm- I watched a reality show -_-
10:37pm- *Current Time ATM* I am in bed reading an ebook til I knock off.

☆☆Also, this is my 50th blog post!! Woo! This is a huge milestone for me, considering the fact that I didn't plan on having a blog- it sorta happened. Just like love :3 Anyways, yeah I'm happy right now, regarding that☆☆

That's it from me today! Hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you again tomorrow! :-)

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