Sunday, 21 December 2014

21st December: BlogMas

Hellloooo amazing readers!!
Happy BlogMas Day 21! I hope you're enjoying yourself :)

I'm going to tell you some of my schedule for BlogMas:
□ As I'm having a somewhat Jennifer L. Armentrout review marathon (Lux series- check it out), my plan was to review the final book, Opposition today..only problem is that I have not read it yet. Oops. This will change- I'll read/review it as soon as I can!
■ So December 22nd (tomorrow), I'm going to participate in the Release Day Event for Forever His Baby Release by Morgana Phoenix hosted by my FB buddy, Amber Garcia! (Lady Amber)
~ Check back here tomorrow for that :-)
■ December 30th will be a review of After Us by Amber Hart. Holy cannoli- I am reading the first book in this series, Before You and I AM LOVING IT SOOOO MUCH. FYI, a review will be up in two days.
■ December 30th is when I will release an excerpt of Glitter and Grit.

The two above are my scheduled book tour/release day event thingies for December. More to come in the New Year! Yay!!

Tomorrow I'm also going to be reviewing The Redeemable Prince by Rachel Higginson! My ARC review is waaayyyyy overdue so I'll crack on with that tomorrow :)

That seems to be it from me. Yes, this was kinda sorta boring but, as shown above, BlogMas will go back to being exciting!!

Byeee!! :D ✌

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