Monday, 1 December 2014

1st December: BlogMas

Hi guys!!
Thanks for visiting, hope everyone is well.

So today I would like to mention that it is the FIRST OF DECEMBER TODAY! Yipee!! I'm so excited for Christmas! Are you? What's on your Xmas list?

More to the point, you know like how YouTubers do Vlogmas? Well, I'm going to do Blogmas!!!!!!! Yay! So check back here every single December day and see what things I'm going to mention.
* I'm not sure if any other book bloggers/reviewers do or have done this; I just thought of this on the spot.

I was quite hesitant in doing this, as it involves a great deal of commitment and I have very demanding school, ATM. But, it is something different and seems enjoyable. So..

Downside: I was planning to do tons of giveaways, but unfortunately cannot -_- Upside: But do not despair! I've got plenty of things up my sleeve.
So let us begin!
Taken from We Heart It
So I feel like the above quote is really fitting at this moment in time. I don't mean to be a preacher or whatever, but I will say this: Enjoy this last month and be nice to everyone.
"Treat every book page like it's your last"~ Nylah M 😂
Aside from me trying to be righteous, the last line couldn't be any more incorrect: Don't try to make anything perfect. Perfection is an illusion. Have what you have and enjoy it.

Okay, okay. I hope I inspired you but now let's move on.
Katie McGarry (my bæ author 😛) is hosting a giveaway for another one of my bæ author's (Jennifer L Armentrout) new book. It sounds compelling, so to win a copy and read an excerpt, here you go:

Follow me on Twitter to see which giveaways I'm entering and shamelessly tweeting about and never winning -_- LOL!

Bye! See you tomorrow

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