Wednesday, 17 December 2014

17th December: BlogMas

Hiiiii everyone. So today, I'm kind of coming clean.
*cue the seriousness*

BlogMas (like VlogMas) is a very daily, busy and essentially hard thing to keep up with. Schoolwork for me is currently very hectic and busy and horrible. NBD.
Anyways, for about ten of these posts, I've been writing them in bed, just off the top of my head/willy nilly. You may have noticed- the content has been standard but not as good as I expected. But I promise you this will change. I'm going to concentrate on my blog and BlogMas 98%. So from tomorrow on out, you will get a review of a book everyday, til BlogMas ends.

Thanks for understanding,
See you tomorrow!!
:D xoxo

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