Monday, 15 December 2014

15th December: BlogMas

Happy BlogMas day 15!!
Irrelevant information: It is now 11:26pm on a school night, here in the UK and I feel bada$$.
The feels we intolerable today. I watched fan-made shipping vids (as mentioned on Twitter) on YouTube and they were sooo cool I almost cried. Here are my impossible ships:
Impossible Ships➡Ships Nylah knows has no future or chance of getting together, but she watches vids or reads fanfic about them anyway
I'm going to include some cool quotes from WeHeartIt (none are my own) that just inspire me or are uber true. So here we go!
*They may or may not be book-related

Right, I'm gonna sign of. I hope I inspired you. 
Byee :D 

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