Monday, 3 November 2014

A Pointless Blogpost (#1)

Books I Need To Read But Haven't Had The Time To

Whether it's buying them or just simply not having enough time in my hectic life (LOL).
I actually feel kinda sorta bad for writing this post, but this blog is kinda sorta my diary for book-related things (unless you want me to discuss other things. i.e. the complexities of the opposite sex, films, TV shows, fictional characters and why the should/will rule the world. Comment below!)

So yeah this is kinda sorta supposed to open my eyes and tell me to get my act together and read these books. I mean, I feel the need to emphasis this (so I will with font, colour and size) ;)

These books have been unread for personal reasons NOT because they are rubbish or not interesting.

Without further ado, we shall begin =D (Side question, that face <-- does it remind anyone else of Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants??)

  1. Take Me On by Katie Mcgarry If you are a regular on this blog (I heart you to Pluto and back!), you will know that I am- forever and always- obsessed with all things Katie McGarry. Want proof?
    And here
    Then here
    Lastly, here
    But because I attend this weird thing called 'School' and my courses/classes are these weird things called 'A Levels' (#BritishBookBlogger =)) I have not had the time to buy nor read this baby. And I want to! Like mad!!!
    One day, I will, I swear.
  2. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer #2 by Michelle Hodkin Apologies for not writing the actual name- I have forgotten it. Whoops. Hmm, I actually have no highly valid reason as to why I haven't read this, other than the fact that Mara Dyer #1 was a teeny tiny bit difficult for me to grasp, but I did enjoy it  And I hear #3 is coming out soon? Damn, I better be quick!
  3. Everneath #2 by Brodi Ashton Clearly I am going sloppy but, prepare for a plot twist (!), I haven't really researched this book either. HOWEVER, I intensely enjoyed it. And therefore a review will be up shortly.But I seriously need to make a commitment to this series.             *Cue the part wherein I play freaky music, everything turns B&W and I tell an irrelevant but slightly relevant anecdote*                                                                                                                                    Sooo, confession: There are some book series that I can't commit to. And yes, I used the term 'commit' to describe books, as if it's a relationship because yes, I think of them as that...kinda, So, to name and shame, the Beautiful Creatures series and this one, and the Mara Dyer series are some of the series I've...abandoned, Don't hate me. I plan to resolve this minorly major glitch ASAP. 
  4. Teardrop by Lauren Kate I loved, loved, loved the Fallen series by this chick, In fact, anecdote again, this series-the second book, to be exact- was the reason I read books for pleasure. *Suddenly getting teary-eyed* Also, although I have read the series numerous times, the only review up SO FAR is of the first one, #SOMANYBOOKSSOLITTLETIME
I am going to stop there, before I hate myself even more- not only have I realised that I am a sloppy reader, but it turns out I am a sloppy reviewer. Soo...yeah. 
This post did have purpose, after all! 

Overall, with regards to the fact that I only came up with this blog on the spot and this conclusion as I am typing it, I blame school for all of my unread books. But I plan on gaining some free time to delve into my worlds. BOOKS KEEP ME SANE, Y'ALL! 

I hope you enjoyed this, if you didn't- please check back next time for something bookly useful. It'll be worthwhile, I swear.
If you did enjoy this, THANK YOU I LOVE YOU


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