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FILM-FRIDAY: Fallen by Lauren Kate

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Fallen by Lauren Kate is one of the first proper themed YA  books that I read (that may not make sense. All I mean is that before Fallen and a few others, I was all about Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson). 
So, it follows the tale of Lucinda Price who is cursed so that she dies every seventeen years and is reborn into another family, another life, another background, another country..I think you get the drift. The whole curse happened because her true love, the oh-so-hot Daniel Grigori refused to pick between Heaven and Hell. 
I love, love, LOVE this book- and it's sequels, so you can only imagine my reaction when I found out a movie of this novel is in thr works!!! Woopee! :D

Here is the official 'first look' at the central trio: Daniel Grigori, Lucinda Price and Cameron Briel. I think this was released last year sometime. 

This is *almost* my dream cast. Daniel is Grigori spot on. Cam, however..It's fine, though. It's fine. I hope I enjoy the film & regardless I look forward to it.
Main cast:
Lucinda Price→ Addison Timline
Daniel Grigori→ Jeremy Irvine ♡
Cameron Briel→ Harrisom Gilbert

Obviously there's more people, who seem cool.
◆ I think the author, Lauren Kate is a producer. So it should be cool

So yeah, that's it really. It is scheduled to be releases next Summer or earlier. Aside from the slight anomaly is my version of the cast, in my head, I really look forward to it being brought to life. I mean, I've read this (numerous times) since 2010. Fpur years. That'a alot of re-reading (and I'm proud of it). But yeah, I guess I look forward to it and NEED IT NOW.

Also, if you haven't read the book, then you really ought to. It's beautifully written ans the storyline is so unique. Click here to read my review of Fallen

**BONUS** Who knows, maybe a review will be up...time wil tell..;)

Comment below letting me know what you think!
→Can you wait for the Fallen movie?
→Isn't Jeremy Irvine everything?
→Who else can't wait for the food fight between Molly & Luce?
→ What scene are YOU looking forward to?


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