Monday, 20 October 2014


So here are a bunch of questions that are frequently asked. I'm only joking/being modest- they've not been yet but I know when I read FAQs I enjoy these type of questions.
 If what you're looking for is not here, feel free to contact me in a method that suits you (links are up under the 'Contact Me' tab above)

Who are you?
I am a sixteen year old girl from England, UK named Nylah and I am obsessed with books- reading them, smelling them and now reviewing them ;)

Name three facts about yourself
1). I got an A in English (A* in Reading) ;-)
2). I cracked/broke my elbow when I was five..ish, I can't really remember- but have the scars
3). I fall for the male characters in books 99.9999% of the time

What do you do on this blog?
Well, I read books (typically one at a time, but I've read multiple simultaneously before) and then review them. I include the Goodreads summary of the book, my views, the characters and my thoughts on them, my favorite quotes and questions for you guys to answer or think about in all of my reviews! I also host tours, cover reveals, release day blitz and all that stuff.

How did you get started?
I love this question. Book reviewing for me started out in the summer holidays (hence the name 'SunshineSunscreenandaBook'). I wasn't bored per se, I just had a huge pile of books that I had read (for pleasure- not school) and thought that I wanted people to hear my views on these books. Not that my view matters at all, I've just grown to love blogging in the few months that I've done it. And I'd read tonnes of books before and gradually add them when I can.
Anyways, as soon as school started again, I thought I'd stop and did so for about a week, Then, regardless of how demanding school was/is, I decided to keep reviewing books to stay content and the rest is history.

Do you review a certain genre only?
Not really- I read/review anything from contemporary to fantasy to sci-fi. However, as of now, since I am only 16, I only read and review Young Adult books. (They are typically 17 years of age onwards).

Are you interested in allowing other bloggers or aspiring bloggers to join you on this blog?
Yes! I definitely would take on bloggers for this blog. If you're interested, please email me at with 'Additional blogger' in the subject line. Thanks! I'm looking forward to having some recruits ;)

What does your blog name and URL name mean?
As previously mentioned above, I made this blog in the summer holidays and so the URL name 'sunshinesunscreenandabook' is basically all the essentials I need to go to the beach- sunshine, sunscreen and a book. Until Autumn started, it was named 'Summer Reads' and now it's called 'Autumn Reads' and hopefully the name-and design/colour scheme- will change in regards to the season. Very unoriginal, I know but I couldn't think of anything.
So, yeah that's it.

I hope you found this interesting and insightful :)

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