Monday, 13 October 2014

EXCLUSIVE Q+A with The Fall author, Bethany Griffin!!

Just over a week ago, I did a 'Want-It Wednesday' post for The Fall by Bethany Griffin  This book seems really interesting and a good way.
Confession: I have yet to read it, as it should be coming through my letterbox in the next few days. 
So anyways, I was fortunate enough to ask the author, Bethany Griffin, a few questions about her-new and old-novels.                                                     

Let's get started: 
1). I've (ashamedly) never read any of your previous book. Can you describe some of your series to me please?

Masque of the Red Death is about a plague, and a dictatorship, with a touch of steampunk thrown in? It's about a girl who has to find hope in a world that doesn't have much hope. 

2). With the above question in mind, share three facts about yourself.

I like cats
I like reading
I have a lot of books and several cats. 

3). Madeline seems to be a doomed character. Will this novel explore and portray her as being independant and brave?

I guess that's up to the reader's interpretation, but I think keeping on going in the face of insurmountable obstacles is pretty brave.

4). You have based this novel upon Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall  of the House of Usher, so..
a). What age were you drawn to this tale?

I first read Poe in 7th grade

b). What made you drawn to it so that you'd retell it?

Madeline Usher doesn't have a voice in the original, so I wanted to give her a voice. 

5). Lastly, I feel obligated to ask, will there be any romance for Madeline in The Fall?

I don't think fans of only romance books will be particularly drawn to this book. 

Thank you so much, Bethany Griffin :) 

So I hope this Q+A was helpful and enjoyable and insightful. I had fun, I hope Ms Griffin had fun, and you too!! Comment below letting me know what you think about the book and answers/questions!

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