Friday, 10 October 2014


So I am incredibly busy with schoolwork at the moment, so will be limiting the amount of reviewing/posting I'll be doing.
Since I'm a somewhat newbie blogger (does about 3 months qualify me as still newbie?) I'm not sure whether or not to post this.
But this is my blog, wherein I feel safe and so feel like I can share anything. So here goes:..

▪ I'm going to *try to* do at least one review a week (Saturdays)
▪ If I can't find a book for 'Want-It Wednesday', then I will put up something fun instead.
{Nylah's definition of 'something fun': Discussing beautiful book covers, conducting exclusive Q+As with authors, putting up book quotes, etc)
▪ I'm also putting up a new segment for Fridays, which will be coming up shortly, so stay tuned ;)

There's gonna be so many more things going on, in so little time *sigh* But I'll find a way.

So enjoy!
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