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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Magic and Decay by Rachel Higginson

Goodreads summary:
Magic and Decay is a Rachel Higginson Halloween Special!

This fast and fun novel packs a punch when Rachel takes three of her favorite couples from three different series and throws them into the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Eden and Kiran from the Star-Crossed Series, Ivy and Ryder from the Siren Series and Reagan and Hendrix from Love and Decay join forces to survive a regular but deadly day at the end of the world. 

Ivy’s seductive Siren call doesn’t just apply to human men. Zombies of all shapes, sizes and states of decay flock to her, unable to resist her pull. Armed with limited resources and dwindling Magic, the three couples fight alongside each other to stay alive and unbitten. But even with all these supernatural powers combined, no one is safe when Zombies are involved.

Magic and Decay is a stand-alone novel. You do not need to have read any of these series to enjoy this book

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GENRE: YA (Young Adult)
AUTHOR: Rachel Higginson
PUBLISHER: Reckless Siren Publishing
SOURCE: ARC, e-book: PDF file
PAGE NUMBER: 63 (on the PDF file)
RELEASE DATE: October 26th 2014

About the author:
I was born and raised in Nebraska, but spent my college years traveling the world. I fell in love with Eastern Europe, Paris, Indian Food and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. But I came back home to marry my high school sweetheart and now I spend my days raising our growing family. In those few spare moments I have, I am either reading or writing Young Adult Fiction, because I am obsessed with it.

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          I'm not gonna lie, I am not particularly fond of zombie books. However, this book, with its wittiness and humour, action and scares, made me find zombie so tolerable that I'm going to start reading Rachel Higginson's Love and Decay series this weekend.

This book was a mashup of three of Rachel Higginson's books' couples:
  1. Ryder and Ivy~ Siren series
  2. Hendrix and Reagan~ Love and Decay series
  3. Kiran and Eden~ Starcrossed/Reckless Magic series
  4. There's also a bonus thing at the end, but it wasn't mentioned on Goodreads so I guess it's a surprise
Magic and Decay is written in a whopping 3 POVs...give or take ;)
Yes, this novel contains combined characters of books I've never read (I've only read the Siren Series and the first Reckless Magic book) but no, I did not feel lost. If anything, this cleverly crafted, convinced me 100 times to read Higginsons' other books.

It was a fun, action-packed light read that was brief but it one of my favorite mash ups. This mash-up novel was really, really fun and if you want a not too scary read for Halloween, then I suggest you buy this book now (links are above!)


Eden~ She was mature and so, so in love with Kiran that it made me jealous (same with Kiran). She had Magic and practically saved everyone's butts. HOWEVER, everyone else was significant in this novel.

Kiran~ He was funny and responsible and very much in love with Eden. I really enjoyed his sense of humour.

Ivy and Ryder~ Yay! My main book couple!! I enjoyed their cocky and fun and epic attitudes and they were in denial of their relationhsip!

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Reagan and Hendrix~ Were so cute coz they're in denial of their...attraction. It was sweet and they were a laugh to read, as well,

And then we've got the zombies, that were oh, so gruesome. LOL

  •   ''And the fact that I couldn't freaking catch a break.''
  • ''The last living Oracle isn't infallible. Sometimes she's tired and cranky and wants a cold Dr Pepper.''
  • ''That I want to be able to kiss you for the next thousand years instead of watching your face rot?''
  • ''I'm going to eviscerate the bastard when we get back''.
  • ''Wow. Was this her Angel? Not bad, Buffy, not bad.''
  • ''Maybe I didn't want the relationship Eden and Kiran had... I wasn't ready for anything like that. But I wanted that kind of people. I wanted to be completely comfortable in my own skin and know that I was in the exact place I was supposed to be in.''
  • ''But the odds did not seem to be in our favor. Oh, wait. Wrong series.
  • ''But then that light came and invaded every single piece of darkness''.
Lastly, I think I should make it clear as I was a tad confused with this, that Ryder and Ivy and Reagan and Hendrix were sent to Eden and Kiran's world..just an FYI.

If I haven't said this enough, I'll say it again: YOU NEED TO READ THIS EPIC BOOK. ;-)
★ ★ ★ ★ 4 stars

That's it from me. Hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful/useful.
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