Monday, 20 October 2014

About & Policies/Requests

I'm not sure whether this post is supposed to be about me or my blog. So I'll discuss both.

Me I am a sixteen year old girl from England, UK named Nylah and I am obsessed with books- reading them, smelling them and now reviewing them
*UPDATE* I was 16 when I made this blog and now I'm 20! Holy sh*t!!!!!!!!!

A few facts about me are:
1). I got an A in English (A* in Reading) ;-)
2). I cracked/broke my elbow when I was five..ish, I can't really remember- but have the scars
3). I fall for the male characters in books 99.9999% of the time
4). I survived high school and am now majoring in Bio and Chem and Physics and Psychology #ScienceGeek
5). I have a pretty cool sense of humour and try to project that in my posts without coming off as a try-hard
6). Contrary to my kick-a*s sense of humour, I'm actually pretty closed off at school. But when I open up, I never shut up (overall, I'm a quite little wallflower)
7). Speaking of little, I'm 5'4-5'5
8).  My family and friends know I have a blog but they've never visited it/know what the URL or even name is. This isn't due to embarrassment or anything, but because this is a part of me that I want to keep private and share with you :)
9). I like to Google really weird things before I go to bed (e.g. signs of paranormal activity in pictures, sightings of UFOs and theories. Love me some odd theories) just to freak myself out. Also, I cannot and will never see a scary movie
10). I'm open to read fanfiction, but I'm not open about reading fanfic. It's not even because of the sauciness or anything, I guess it's just because of that stereotype ._.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me. Now, I tag YOU to reveal 10 or less facts about yourself in the comments!

To see how I started reviewing, visit the FAQ page 

Blog This blog involves posts about books (covers, reveals, release-day-blitz), reviews and just general book talk. LOL. Sorry so awkward -_-
I enjoy reviewing and hope you enjoy reading my reviews ;)
In my reviews,  I include a little weird intro, the Goodreads summary of the book including the cover, my views, the characters and my thoughts on them, my favourite quotes and questions for you guys to answer in the comments or think about in all of my reviews! 


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a professional reviewer of books, nor do I pose to be. It's simply a passion. I enjoy giving readers my view on books, and hope they find my reviews useful and helpful with a bit of attempted humour in them :-/

  • I will accept ARCs, preferably only Young Adult books, though                     
  • Email me if you want me to review an ARC, with the subject 'ARC'
  • I use NetGalley to recieve ARCs but you can still provide me with them.
  • Unless I'm really busy, I will usually have the review for the ARC up within a week
  • Unless I'm really busy, I will usually have the review of the requested book within a week
  • Although I haven't read all genres of YA (like crime or horror), I am and will be open to reading them. Therefore, if you want to request a book for me to read and review, CLICK HERE to fill in a form
  • I do not read New Adult books, as I am only sixteen years of age (they tend to be 17+)
  • HOWEVER, I do participate in New Adult cover reveals.
  • Also, I'm subscribed to InkSlingerPR and Entangled Publishing and a few others, so will probably most likely participate in their tours and reveals and events, etc.
  • I pretty much enjoy any book
  • I prefer reading actual physical books (hardbacks and paperbacks), but I will not not read an ebook. A book's a book...
  • I would be more than happy to have a guest blogger join me for a post or two! Email me if you're interested, with the subject 'Guest Blogger' (Please include your name, blog URL, Twitter/Facebook links and ideas about your post)
  • As of now, I will not be conducting any giveaways and have no immediate plans, either. *As of now, this is only true to an extend..I've conducted two giveaways. 
I host giveaways for authors, so feel free to email me with the subject 'Giveaway' if you want me to host it. 
  • I am more than willing to participate in a Q+A with authors! (I've already done a few- check them out). If you're interested, email me with the subject 'Q+A' and please mention your name
  • I'd be happy to participate in a book tour but as of now, I am not hosting any.
  • I will accept swag- Email me with the subject 'Swag'

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