Sunday, 28 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE Q+A with Breaking the Rules author, Katie McGarry!!

Yayy!!! I cannot tell you guys how excited I am for the Pushing the Limits, sequel, Breaking the Rules. Arghh! Oh, and that cover...  {Side note: BtR is coming out on ebook on December 8th!}
I'm also excited that the author of the phenomenal series and upcoming novel, Katie McGarry, answered three burning questions that I had.                  
So here. We. Go:

1). How did it feel to write in Noah and Echo's POVs again?

It felt awesome to write in Echo and Noah's point of views again. They have so much emotion and they care for each other so much. Their hurts break my heart, but their love always puts it back together. 

2). The cover for Breaking the Rules is absolutely phenomenal- what were your thoughts and reactions/feelings when you first saw it and will there be water scene(s)? 

Yes, there is a water scene in Breaking the Rules and it ends up being a pivotal part of the story. I was happy when I saw the cover and I love that Echo had on short sleeves. She really comes into her own in this novel.

3). Describe Noah, Echo, Isaiah, Rachel, Beth and Ryan in three words (individually)

How about one each? 

Noah: Loyal
Echo: Artistic
Isaiah: Protective
Rachel: Strong
Beth: Bold
Ryan: Romantic

Thank you so much, Katie McGarry :) 

So I hope this Q+A was helpful and enjoyable and insightful. I had fun, I hope Ms McGarry had fun, and you too!! Comment below on your views on the answers: Do you look forward to the water scene? Can you also not wait for some more Noah Hutchins? Let me know!

BONUS: Holy cow!! I  did not know you can read the first chapter here: (until now, obviously) WHAAAA?? I cannot wait. 

I reaaallllyyyyy cannot wait for this book. So, goodbye for now- I'll be in my room counting down the days.
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