Wednesday, 13 August 2014


This, like WANT-IT WEDNESDAY, is a new part of this blog. It basically informs you what I'm reading or re-reading.
The blog post will be live whenever I start a new book, so it's not weekly like WANT-IT WEDNESDAY. 
These type of posts will be short and sweet :) So let's being...

The books that I am currently reading are:...
(Yes, I said 'books'. Although I feel like I'm cheating on each book, I sorta live by this quote: 
REFERENCE: http://arneywalker.
  So back to the topic, I am currently reading:

  Pushing The Limits~ Katie McGarry {RE-READING}

  Ethereal~ Addison Moore 

  Sweet Reckoning~ Wendy Higgins

  Looking for Alaska~ John Green

 I've almost finished Looking for Alaska, so a review should be up shortly!

Bye! :-)

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