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BOOK REVIEW: The Fall by Rachel Higginson

Goodreads summary:
In Ivy Pierce’s world, Greek mythology is reality. Sirens, like herself, use men for money, power and status; but she has the greatest gift of all. Stronger than any of the Siren’s before her, Ivy’s attraction alludes to a prophecy that could mean the rebirth of Greek gods and goddesses for our modern time. 

The Fates believe she is the symbol of a new era. Her mother believes she is the key to ultimate power in their Greek circle. And Nix, her godfather and god of the sea, believes she belongs to him.

Ivy doesn’t want any part of her world or the people that demand so much of her. With the help of Ryder Sutton, her closest friend, she will fight against fate, against the expectations of her society and against the desires of a monster that will do anything to possess her. 

And through it all she will deny her feelings for the one person she loves more than anything in order to protect him. 

While her future crumbles around her, Ivy will go to extreme lengths to free herself from her glass prison—or drown trying.

GENRE: YA (Young Adult)
AUTHOR: Rachel Higginson
PUBLISHER: Createspace (I think)
SOURCE: ebook, Gift (from author!!!!)
RELEASE DATE: March 14th 2014

It's currently 10:22am here in the UK and about 10 minutes ago, I completed The Fall by Rachel Higginson. I have no idea how long I completed the book in, and was absolutely oblivious to everything around me. This picture nicely sums me up:

It was my pleasure to read this book, and I am amazingly thankful to have read the second part of Ivy's story.

This book took me on an emotional roller-coaster like no other. I am numb from all the emotions and events that went on in this phenomenal book.
It was written in first person- Ivy's POV. And I'd like to take this moment to applaud the author for her descriptive descriptions (LOL) but seriously, my vocab and grammar have both improved immensely...and I got an A in English.

You gripped me in this book, Ms Higginson. (Thank you again for gifting it to me!) :D

The cover is stunning. In a way, it's like the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer covers. In a way not exactly. See, the protagonist, Ivy Pierce, is drowning. Drowning in her own thoughts, in her reality, in her fantasy (of having a free soul and getting away) and of everything; of a love that she knows will end badly; of a sister she loves but doesn't want to involve and a hot-and-cold mother. 

I just really loved this book. I'm genuinely having difficulty putting my thoughts into words. I also hated it at times, too. For example, (SPOILER ALERT) two certain older girls were died. That killed me. I gasped for so long, so many times, placed a hand over my mouth and was on the verge of flooding my tears. It was heart-wrenching. But also eye-opening-I couldn't help to think that women all around the world go through issues like this...some-probably more-not as lucky as our protagonist. 
And Nix, Nix Nix Nix,  I hate you! 

Okay, okay, so the plot goes something like this:
Ivy is trying to not let Ryder fall in love with her (by admitting her love for him) and the two decide, very poorly, I might add, to be JUST FRIENDS. 'Very poorly' because they can't resist each other and make out a lot, which is sweet, but we all know it's gonna end badly. I wish it didn't, but you know...
So once they establish those three words, they become an item and devise multiple plans to run away together, from Nix and the Greek mythology and Ava (Ivy's mother) and everything. But you know, complications...
The Fates are these three witches (?), I think, and they are pretty prophetic. They are not keen of Ivy. Anyways, Nix is still...possessive of Ivy, in that sickening way and it's truly disgusting. But it was revealed that he has/had a motive all along: He was going to use Ivy, the Siren/key to become the king of Mount Olumpus. So Nix was a power-hungry old paedo that wanted power...who saw that coming?

These other three characters, taken from Greek mythology (we were also introduced to Aphrodite, Zeus, Hermes, and Ames and more) and they told Ivy a prophecy that involved Nix (AKA Poseidon, the god of oceans, who had the ability to drown people) never getting her because of someone else. The name was long and hard to remember- pardon me-but it began with a P if that helps -__-
Anyways, my inner Tumblr-mischievousness predicted, for a joke that it was Phoenix that would be the powerful one. But back to seriousness, I felt really sorry for Phoenix in this book. Oh and Chase. Argh, Ms Higginson.

It was brilliant, epic, enthralling, compelling and amazing. YOU. NEED. TO. READ. IT. Seriously.  
All I know is that I cannot wait for The Heart (Siren series book #3). November, please come quick!!


I was so caught up in this book that I sort of forgot to highlight my fave quotes on my iPad...until the last five or so chapters. Thus, these quotes are my favourite from the last few chapters...hopefully giving nothing away" ;)

  • ''''Hush,'' he demanded.''
  • ''My blackened, shriveled heart surged with a love for both of these men.''
  • ''He was the guard and his words were the chains and I was nothing but a helpless victim to his cruelty.''
  • ''He would protect me until the end. Those thoughts should have fortified me, they could have encouraged me...but they did not. Instead, they broke me.''
  • ''I screamed again. Or maybe I hadn't stopped screaming. I couldn't remember.''
  • ''You control her body, but you do not own her.''
  • ''I felt my emotions expand in my body, spread their wings and consume me.''
  • ''I used the restroom because honestly, I hadn't gone in hours and I really had to pee and I didn't know when I'd get the chance again.''
  • ''There would come a time in my life that I would have to fight my demons, face them and destroy them. I couldn't run from them forever. I couldn't be truly free until I slayed them.''
The most memorable, swoon-worthy moment in The Fall was probably when Ivy and Sloane were asking Phoenix questions about his loyalty, etc, then Ivy asked Exie and Sloane if they asked Ryder those questions...HE SAID THE SWEETEST THING EVERRRR. He said he wanted, and would help, her soul be free. 

  • Demons- Imagine Dragons
  • Fix You- Coldplay
★ ★ ★ ★ 4.5 stars
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☻ Be honest did this book break your heart and mend it? o_O
☻ Isn't Rachel Higginson totally epic? Do you wanna give her a hug for creating this compelling and somewhat disturbing world?

So that's it from me...I'll just be here, not living life until November (AKA when The Heart releases). 
--For those wondering, it's no longer 10:22am in the's after noon. 
BYE!! :)

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